Obama Blatantly Admitted Using the FBI Against Opponents

Barack Obama blatantly admitted using the FBI against opponents. You just have to know how to listen to him.

When listening to Leftists, one must understand Left-speak. You see, Leftists tell you what they do by what they claim they would never do.

In this example from The Gateway Pundit, we are reminded of what Barack Obama said to Al Sharpton in one of his final interviews as president. The interview occurred in November of 2016.

Historically, both under Democratic and Republican administrations our goal has been and should be that our investigators and prosecutors are independent of politics. They’re not politicized. That they’re not used as a weapon to advantage either side in partisan arguments. And I want to make sure that we continue with that tradition and with that norm.

What Obama said showcases classic Leftism. Obama told you exactly what he did to your face. Note his use of the lexicon.

Obama states what the “norm” is, in relationship to administrations and the DOJ. Next, he implies that he follows norms. But if you interpret what he said carefully, you see he makes no commitment to this norm.

And as we now know for a fact, Obama worked with the FBI to plot a takedown of Trump even while he made these statements. Obama and his minions may try to deny this. However, Obama’s actions and statements prove that he felt he had the books cooked when it came to Trump ever being president.

Obama opined that the American people would not vote for Trump. Ostensibly, his belief was based on the voters. But that’s not why Obama “knew” Trump would never get elected. It had nothing to do with his feeling about the American people.

Obama even made light of the possibility of a Trump presidency on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

For Obama to joke about Trump never being president leads me to believe he had an insider tip.

But perhaps most ironic is Obama’s claim about Russian hacking, revealed in this clip.

Obama denied that Russian hacking would influence the election. Yet the media never held him responsible. How does Obama get a pass for his blatant disregard of the Russian hacking that occurred?

Just another case of Democrats having their cake and wanting to eat it, too. Well eat it they will.

Back to the American people making the right decision

As I mentioned earlier, Obama said the American people would make the right decision and not elect Trump. So an obvious question for me is, “What does Obama think about the American people and our decision?”

Based on the evidence, I’d say Obama was not happy with us. Thus, his shadow administration orchestrated the Russian collusion farce.

The Gateway Pundit article continues:

In February 2018 a report by Senator Ron Johnson revealed in a text between FBI lawyer Lisa Page and her lover Peter Strzok that “POTUS wants to know everything we’re doing.”

The text message from September 2, 2016, suggests that “POTUS” Barack Obama wanted to be kept abreast on everything the FBI was doing in the Hillary Clinton investigation.

It is now clear that the Obama administration was spying on the Trump campaign and Trump transition team.

This is the biggest political scandal in US history.

Obama told many lies throughout his tenure as president.
But his lie about not using the FBI as a weapon may be one of his worst.

Obama’s continued targeting of Trump shows what he thinks of the American people. Further, his actions show what he believes of the American justice system.



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