Chuck Todd on Mueller Testimony

Only the most hardened Leftist would give Mueller any more than a D in his testimony before Congress.

He looked completely out of touch. One got the sense that Mueller was relieved to be done with this sham of an investigation.

Meanwhile Democrats continued to call protecting oneself “collusion”, then watching as Republicans and Mueller poured cold water on their wet dream. Democrats’ orchestrated ending to each Congressman’s testimony looked as contrived as it was.

Moreover, the Republicans rocked. They completely destroyed the credibility of Mueller, his report, Democrats, the DNC, Barack Obama, the FBI, and much more.

Time after time Republican questioners caught Mueller in catch-22s.

Some questioned the selection of his team, an almost statistical impossibility to stack a team so blatantly anti-Trump. Mueller tried to pull the “competency” card, but to no avail. Essentially Mueller wanted Americans to believe there were NO investigators or prosecutors who favored Trump he could find. Mueller implied that he never asked a question of one’s politics in hiring. Yet, he allowed partisan political hacks to hire…his own words, excluding the word “hacks”.

Republicans used his hiring practices to question his judgment in this and many other suspicious aspects of his report.

Jim Jordan asked why Joseph Mifsud wasn’t indicted. He lied. Three times. Yet no investigation and no indictments. And there were many other “ah ha!” moments by Republicans.

Mueller looked like a man suffering from dementia. So much so, even Chuck Todd chimed in:

Partial transcript:

Todd: “He provided such, what do you call it, uncomfortable clarity? As they were using him for clarity, he’d somehow fog it up in how he would do certain things. So look, on optics, this was a disaster.”

Disaster is an Understatement!

Democrats wanted Mueller to come in and make their case for impeachment. Yet, Mueller failed to move the needle.

As the Chicago Tribune put it:

There must’ve been a point in the Robert Mueller hearings when the big thinkers of CNN and MSNBC curled up on the floor in fetal positions and began breathing into brown paper bags, trying to remain calm.

Breathe. Collusion. Breathe. “Did not reach a determination as to whether the President committed a crime.” Breathe. Ted Lieu? Breathe.

Those paper bags popped in and out, out and in, when Democratic media wizard, David Axlerod and Harvard Law’s Lawrence Tribe pronounced the Mueller hearings an unmitigated disaster for their side. And Donald Trump puffed himself up to crow.

“The democrats had nothing,” the President said after Mueller’s testimony. “Now they have less than nothing.”

The truly funny part of this is that Democrats tried to blame Mueller’s performance on stage fright, saying things like “he hasn’t testified before Congress in more than six years.” It’s not like he was running a triathlon without a day of training. Mueller was simply sitting in a chair answering questions about the 400+ pages he spent two years putting together.

Mueller seemed so lost, one has to wonder how much of his report was actually authored by him. Clearly, he didn’t even proofread the pages before turning them in. It was just mumbo jumbo put together by his partisan hacks.

Shadow of a Man

Democrats can no longer tout Mueller as the saving grace of the leftist regime. Further, he’s lost any clout he once carried.

This Mueller looks nothing like the man who ran the FBI during the era of 9/11. He’s not the man who bravely served in Vietnam. Nor is he the man who ruthlessly tracked down criminals to prosecute them. Instead, he’s the lost shepherd with a bad herd of sheep.

And you can bet that Democrats won’t admit they’ve been wrong all along. Instead, they’ll blame Mueller for being an old man out of touch with reality. Now, the question is this. What will Democrats do now to keep collusion alive?


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