Joe Biden’s Problems Worsen: Big Funder Backs Out

The spin from Biden’s campaign will be that losing one funder is no big deal. But that’s not the case.

The former Vice President performed horribly during the Democrat debate. The most pivotal moment came as Senate hag Kamala Harris called Biden out for his friendship with racists.

But Biden’s woes began a few days earlier.

As CNBC reported,

Former Vice President Joe Biden lost one of his top fundraisers after controversial comments regarding his work with past segregationists and his flip-flop on repealing the Hyde Amendment, CNBC has learned.

Tom McInerney, a veteran San Francisco based lawyer, informed Biden’s team on June 20 that he can no longer help him raise campaign cash to compete in the 2020 presidential election.

“I had actually let the campaign known I’d pulled back my support of Biden for now,” McInerney told CNBC. “I don’t think he did well last night,” he added, reflecting on Biden’s debate performance on Thursday night.

This is not “for now”, as McInerney’s quote suggests.

He pulled back his support forever. And as the article suggests, many more will follow:

While McInerney is the first financier to publicly withdraw his support after Biden’s controversial round of comments, the loss is significant because it could be a harbinger of further defections.

“I would imagine I’m not alone,” said McInerney, who was a lead bundler for President Barack Obama in his first run for president. He helped Obama’s campaign raise at least $200,000 throughout that cycle, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

No, McInerney is not alone. According to Vox:

Joe Biden may be a favorite of the country’s wealthiest donors. But in Silicon Valley, he has serious work to do.

When the presidential candidate touches down in San Francisco on Friday for a trio of local fundraisers after Thursday’s bruising debate, he faces another hurdle: overcoming the perception that he lacks the the high-octane support of leaders in the tech industry — and that he is coasting on legacy relationships.

That’s because Biden’s fundraising roster in Silicon Valley is not very Silicon Valley. It skews older and does not seem to capture much of the new wealth and influence created by today’s hot tech companies. While other candidates like Cory Booker and especially Pete Buttigieg have found success raising money from this newer generation of cutting-edge startup leaders, the former vice president is somewhat held back by his lack of younger, tech-savvy money, both neutral and Biden-backing fundraisers say.

Booker? Buttigieg? These two shouldn’t even be mentioned with a racehorse like Biden. But the real problem with this article is the idea that Biden is a “favorite of the country’s wealthiest donors”. Since when?

Biden’s initial money raise was expected. Think Jeb Bush, and you get the picture. However, since declaring his run for the presidency, Biden’s poll numbers, star, and fortunes have all fallen.

Biden’s problem? Biden.

Nobody bets that a nag will win the derby. And let’s face it, Biden is a nag.

His racist past teamed with his sexual creepiness only belie the bigger problem that is Biden. That problem: Biden only knows how to be Biden. And Biden is goofy personified. Awkward to a fault.

Biden likes to “look” presidential, and pulls it off with all the deft of a person suffering from cerebral palsy.

Biden’s fall from grace will reflect in his next Federal Election Commissions report. And those numbers won’t look good for the former VP.

The good news for America is Democrats continue a protracted primary cycle. Each of these goofballs will suck money from the system. No doubt Democrats will re-up once their victim is selected to face the president. However, resistance will be futile.

Democrats won’t have the black vote, nor the vote of Gen Z or Millennials. They will have alienated any pro-America group, including those on the Left.

As for Biden, he will be odd man out for a third and final time.

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