Loser to Drop Out: Democrat Presidential Field Narrows

If you ask the average America, actually the above-average America to name 10 Democrats running for president, you might as well ask them divide by 37 in their heads.

Most people would be hard pressed to name the top 5 Democrat contenders, and not just because so few of them are memorable. The top 5 changes almost daily.

And don’t dare ask who the front-runners for the Democrats are, or you will embarrass them. Hint: it’s really not Joe Biden. So now the attrition begins.

As Queen would sing: “Another one bites the dust!”

According to Axiom, Hickenlooper is considering ending his presidential bid.

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D) is considering ending his White House bid and pursuing a Senate run instead, The New York Times reported Tuesday. Four Democratic sources familiar with his thinking told the outlet that the two-term governor is giving serious consideration to challenging Republican Sen. Cory Gardner (Colo.), a move many have have called for in hopes of helping Democrats retake the Senate.

Hickenlooper reportedly discussed the possibility with Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Colo.), another 2020 candidate, during a drive before an event in Iowa. Aides and advisers to the Colorado politicians declined to comment to the Times on what was discussed during the ride.

Hickenlooper’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill on his plans. Colorado could play a key role in Democratic efforts to retake the Senate. While there are already 11 declared candidates in the Democratic field, Hickenlooper would bring a high level of name recognition and popularity in Colorado.

Allow me to translate: Hickenlooper is “toastenlooper” as far as his presidential campaign goes. So now he looks for a clean exit strategy.

“My party needs me more in this race I really didn’t want to go for.”

I will give Hickenlooper credit for knowing that he can’t win against Trump. But the truth is, he can’t even win against the hapless rubes in his own party.

As for his potential Senate bid, he will find the road treacherous and unpaved by his own party. The scandals surrounding the Democrats will soon bring down the entire party. And it’s not like Democrats are doing themselves any favors without the scandals.

While Democrats voted down provided free college for the children of veterans, they voted for free college for illegals.

Further, while Democrats all over the country neglect their own constituents, their so-called representatives fly to the border to lament the care of illegals.

The average America sees what’s happening here. The abject disdain for citizens, Democrats preferring to politicize the plight of non-Americans.

Democrat Mantra: use and abuse for political purposes

Democrats have used every special interest group for decades. Hardly any has gained under Democrats, save Muslims and the LGBTQ.

But blacks, women, children, Christians, capitalists, and whites have all suffered at the hands of vile racist sexist Leftists. And these groups have “woke”.

Blacks will support the Republicans in the largest numbers since 1936. And recent polls show Trump (and Republicans) gaining in almost all special-interest categories. In short, while Democrats still have many of the special interest groups brainwashed, enough of their members have migrated right to cause major concerns.

Hickenlooper won’t be the first to quit, as meathead Congress Eric Swalwell receives that honor. But Hickenlooper will quit and so will many others as they see the writing on the wall. Then there will be only one left standing (pun intended); the sacrificial cow(ard).

Trump will soundly defeat the Democrats’ chosen loser, ending his or her political career forever. This will signal to the nation and the world that the REAL America is back and here to stay.



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