Democrats Might Get Another Presidential Hopeful

Democrats want another great black hope to run for president. But for obvious reasons, Michelle Obama decided against sullying her reputation further.

Nevertheless, there remain people unhappy with the plethora of candidates available. And one such person is an anti-Trump retread who did much to hurt the Democrats.
Apparently, disgraced creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti believes its safe to begin another PR campaign, and he says he’s 50-50 for running.
According to the Daily Caller:

Embattled celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti is revisiting a potential 2020 presidential bid and told CNBC he is “one of the few effective fighters” in the Democratic Party.

“Never say never,” he told CNBC Friday when asked if he might still run in 2020. “The Dems need a non-traditional fighter. They have a lot of talent but not a lot of fighters.”

The way I remember it, Avenatti dropped out when his scandalous behavior came to light.

First, the man is dubbed “creepy porn lawyer.” That doesn’t play well for a presidential campaign. And even if he could, by some crazy miracle, overcome his bad reputation, there’s still his naughty behavior to consider.

Last November, we chronicled many of the problems facing Avenatti.
The highlight reel goes something like this:
  • Avenatti lied to investigators with false claims regarding Brett Kavanaugh. Avenetti alleged Kavanaugh participated in raping Julie Swetnick. Later Swetnick caved. She admitted her allegations were false. She never even met Justice Kavanaugh.
  • Avenatti told Time Magazine it would take a white man to beat Trump, showcasing his own racist views.
  • A judge ruled Avenatti owed his law partner more than $5M.
  • Avenatti’s personal tax problems suggest he owed the IRS more than a million dollars.
  • Federal prosecutors decided Avenatti owed Stormy Daniels at least $300,000 he skimmed from her defense.
  • He was arrested for a physical altercation with his girlfriend.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg.

Every time we turn around, another Avenatti scandal emerges.

In March, he tried to extort $20M from Nike and just one month later, he was busted for scamming a paraplegic out of a $4M settlement. Obviously this guy can’t just take his 15 minutes of fame and disappear.

Seriously, Avenatti is delusional. Investigators currently watch his every move, as his every move violates both ethics and laws. He’s been arrested more than OJ Simpson. Does he not realize a presidential bid would only serve to highlight his criminal activity?

Avenatti has but one claim to fame. He represented a washed-up porn star who allegedly had a roll in the hay with Donald Trump. But his attempts to collect a big pay-day back-fired when courts decided Daniels owes Trump the payout.
Think how that would play in a debate. Trump would mop the floor with this clown. But don’t let me save the democrats from a huge mistake. I’m kind of interested in watching Avenatti receive a bona-fide Trump smackdown.
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