Sharpton Heckled in Baltimore: You’re a PHONY

The irony that President Donald Trump does more to rid America of race issues than Obama really burdens the Left.

That’s why they call Trump “racist” all the time. But the fact is, President Trump de-emphasizes race to such a degree, the calls of “racist” against him fall mostly on deaf ears. Interestingly, the real racists, Leftists do more harm to their cause than they realize.

Leftists managed to desensitize Americans to calls of racism. And that has had the added effect of making people realize who the real racists are.

As Larry Elder showcased in a tweet with a video, black citizens of Baltimore heckled race-pimp Al Sharpton:

WATCH @TheRevAl, the race hustling, Tawana Brawley lying, anti-semitic, anti white, Crown Heights incendiary, $5mil tax deadbeat, would-be cocaine dealing FBI snitch, democrat “kingmaker” HECKLED in .

My favorite line?

“You’re just a hustler!”, declared the one man to Sharpton.

Understand that Jesse Jackson got the same treatment while in Ferguson, MO. The look in his eyes is priceless, as the shock settles in on Jackson that his time as a race-pimp ended.

Rewatch this video, and see that Jackson has his hand stuck out of the van, and the man never shakes it.

The man then tells Jackson that he didn’t march one bit. Again, the shock Jackson experienced to be among “his people” only to get verbally attacked? Where was the payback for his decades investment in race-pimping?

Back to Baltimore.

The young filmmaker who filmed Sharpton getting heckled made the video below. Watch as citizens of Baltimore speak honestly about their city.

Baltimore citizens thank Donald Trump. They know what’s happening to their city. Moreover, they know where the fault lies.

So if Democrats believe they will push blame for the failures of Baltimore on President Trump, they will get another rude awakening in the next presidential election.




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