Spanish-Speaking Therapists Needed: Leftists Driving Hispanics Crazy

Leftists eventually drive everybody crazy, including Mexicans. And while white people still hold the record for needing therapists, the Latino community is catching up.

According to USA Today, 60% of non-Hispanic whites who suffer with depression see therapists, while only 36% of Hispanics. Another “victim” category for those with brown skin.

America must help Hispanics to get more therapy, and get the depressed white people’s foot off the throat of the Latino community. If we don’t, who knows what could happen!

In one Hispanic couple’s horrifying story, USA Today writes,

Soon after Jasmine Alcala gave birth to her son, Benjamin, her mind flooded with thoughts of catastrophe.

For Alcala, tragedy lurked everywhere. At her Long Beach, CA home, which she rarely left while caring for her newborn, she feared a home invasion. Behind the wheel, her heart raced at the possibility of a fatal car accident. At the grocery store, she fretted over the potential of armed robbery.

Sounds to me like Alcala lives in a bad part of Long Beach, likely flooded with ILLEGALS!

The article continues,

And nothing was as terrifying as the idea of not being with her son.

Alcala and her husband, Ruben sought help. She joined several peer support groups for postpartum women and visited two therapists. Neither therapist was Hispanic, nor did they speak Spanish, making it difficult for Alcala, who is Mexican American, to communicate some of her deepest thoughts and feelings.

Understand that the USA Today writer, Jared Weber wants us to believe that an America woman, a legal woman doesn’t speak enough English to go to a therapists.

This isn’t Trump separating babies at the border. This is the shocking expose by USA Today that an American woman supposedly needs an interpreter for her “Speak Spanish” therapy session.

What f’ing country are we?

Know that nowhere in Mexico are they discussing the problem of people not having access to English-speaking therapists. Nor are they having this discussion Central or South America, any part of African or the Middle East.

According to the 2015 America Psychological Association Survey of Psychology Health Service Providers, only one in ten speak another language. Talk about RACISTS!

5.5% speak Spanish, 1.1% French, and 3.7% other. How do all these crazy non-English-speaking Americans cope?

Haven’t therapist-wannabes read the memo on political correctness?

Alcala said, “the therapist just couldn’t understand my cultural background because it wasn’t her own”.

There it is. The opening the social justice warrior movement needs in order to DEMAND therapists for all. Jesse Jackson, “IS THIS THING ON?”

Ebonics-Speaking Therapists Needed

What’s next; therapists for the Plantation-Americans? Because you know it’s just a matter of time before the black Leftists, aka silly Negroes, want their therapy-reparations.



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