Crowd Attacks Warren: Don’t Impeach, Go Home

The Reno-International Airport saw a little excitement Wednesday when Trump supporters spotted Elizabeth Warren.

You already know where this story is headed, but for the pure entertainment, I’ll go ahead and fill you in. And yes, there is video.

In fact, Nevada Republicans tweeted the scene.

Here are a few of my favorite reactions:

Obviously, Warren tried hard to ignore these Trumpers. But she can’t hide the fact that she’s rattled by the clear contempt people feel for her. Personally, if I were her, I would’ve went into hiding the moment I was busted for twisting my family heritage. But leftists rarely show remorse for their lies. I’m guessing there’s a reason for that- why have remorse when the Democrats reward despicable behavior?

Rising Polls

Warren’s reward seems to be her surging numbers. Democrats love the liar so much, she’s recently inched ahead of Biden in the polls. But Pocahontas shouldn’t get too comfortable, because there’s still no way she can beat Trump.

Thus explains the desperation for impeachment. As Kevin Jackson has repeatedly pointed out, the democrat that can beat Trump hasn’t even been born yet. They have no way to win in 2020. So, in order to have a fighting chance, they must impeach the president.

But, as we predicted from the start of these impeachment cries, this will backfire for the left. Another failure to take down Trump further guarantees his 2020 victory. Soon, Elizabeth Warren will have nothing left but the memory of the time she tried to take on Donald Trump. That, and a few hecklers to keep the memory fresh. She might as well go home already.






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