Democrat Tide Shifting Pro-Trump

In this story a man relates about his apolitical wife. She runs a business that caters to blue-state wealthy Democrats.

Based on her observations, politics changed in America because of Democrats. He writes,

Needless to say the majority of the clients are very wealthy Blue State type liberals with progressive attitudes to go along with their brand new Teslas and classic wooden speedboats. Recently her clients have been openly complaining about the Democratic politicians saying that they have lost their minds. All of these people are your standard blue-blood old money types- meaning White- and she says they have become increasingly more vocal about the anti-White rhetoric they hear from their party, the tax the rich platforms and more than that, the empty promises about getting Trump. None of them are even remotely Trump people, but she says they are beginning to tune out the 24/7 TDS they hear constantly and are- in my wife’s words- “sick and tired of it”.

Her younger employees- millennials- have done a 180 and have gone from anti-Trump progs to pro Trump and have all said they aren’t voting for “those crazy democrats”.

Not sure if this is something that is going on in the rest of the country, but for our neck of the woods and from the kinds of people who 2 years ago wouldn’t even think about these kinds of sentiments to be openly speaking about it is a sea change.

I believe this man 100 percent. How could you be American and not cringe at the things Democrats say and do? This is why we see democrats shifting.

To call what they have a sickness is to downplay their true malady. And where do you start to describe their craziness?

They plot to set up an innocent man, and the leader of the free world. What do you think they do to ordinary citizens. Consider the people who pissed off Obama, Valerie Jarrett, the Clintons, and so on, and the fate of those people. Think “Juanita Brodderick” or Seth Rich and you get a basic idea.

Many Americans must be considering what could happen to them if they allow Democrats to continue in power.

Even when snagged like Bill Clinton, people like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler try to sell their ruse to the public.

And when Democrats aren’t trying to destroy Trump, they look to fleece citizens.

Democrats added a layer of bureaucracy to business in order to hock climate change. They allow businesses to pollute more, as long as they pay the trillions of dollars in fees, then tell the world they protect us from global climate change.

Meanwhile the very people espousing this nonsense continue buying up all the world’s coastline properties?

Democrats don’t care about anything except keeping people stupid and keeping their own power.

They control an education system that practically guarantees both. So we discuss nonsense like open borders. No Democrat would dare open his or her home openly, but they expect the country to do so. But the real game allows illegals into the greatest country in the world so they can vote Democrat.

Democrats get angry when America actually fights back in the trade war. So bringing good-paying manufacturing jobs back to America is a bad thing for them. Cutting the almost $800 billion annual trade deficit means losing the trade war, in their view.

Democrats claim that America fighting to bring jobs back and create fair trade angers our “friends”. They made this same claim with NATO, accusing President Trump of alienating our friends by making them pay their NATO bills.

You can bet that Democrats all over America are switching their votes. And they can thank President Trump for showing them that the Democratic Party left them long ago.





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