Clinton Foundation Pay-For-Play Ends

It doesn’t take a genius to know that when you can’t pedal influence, the money dries up. And the Clintons are learning this the hard way.

Gone are the days of $500,000 speeches and $8 million in travel expenses, as the Clinton Foundation’s money sources look like a Death Valley landscape.

As Peter Schweizer reports on the fake charity:

“All that money has now dried up, literally,” Schweizer told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” “The Clinton Foundation has had a hard time raising money because they don’t have the influence to sell. They don’t have power access to sell and that, I think, is the primary evidence for what the Clinton enterprise was all about.”

 “The Clinton Foundation literally raised 10 percent of what it did in 2009 when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state,” Schweizer added, “and the international numbers are even worse.”

The foundation posted its third straight year of losses following Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 presidential election, according to 2018 tax documents.

The foundation lost $16.8 million on revenue of $30.7 million in 2018, according to the documents. It has posted roughly $16 million in losses every year since 2015, when it had roughly $116 million in revenue.

No access to sell, no donations.

Consider how easy it was for the Clintons to raise billions only a few years ago. Then ask yourself why suddenly they can’t get anywhere close to those development dollars.

The Clinton Foundation originated as a racket, as the organization seemingly laundered money for every despot and near-do-well around the globe. Their donors are a Who’s Who of James Bond villains who the Clinton happily solicited for their pay-for-play schemes. Thankfully for the world, their days are numbered.

No more raising $2 billion to build ONE school or water treatment plant in Haiti. More importantly, no more putting Clinton family members in charge of raping Third World economies.

The article continues,

Clinton Foundation spokesman Brian Cookstra pushed back against media reports implying that the foundation is struggling.

“These reports are not accurate. Our entire 990 shows our work was fully funded by donations, grants, savings from prior years, and interest from our endowment,” Cookstra told Fox Business. “In the last year, the Clinton Foundation’s programs have grown to help more people, and we are committed to operating programs that are effective, efficient, and sustainable.”

Sure. Business as usual. I’m sure any organization that loses 90 percent of its revenue would operate the same.

In an effort to regain credibility, Clinton’s team pretends that Hillary Clinton remains a viable presidential candidate. Clinton tweeted recently that “many, many, many people” want her to consider jumping into the 2020 presidential race.

Perhaps. However I suggest that more people want to see her in prison than see her in the Oval Office.

It’s safe to say that Hillary Clinton won’t ever visit the White House again. And if the Clinton family doesn’t set a budget, they may find themselves living in squalor back in the foothills of the Arkansas Ozark mountain range.

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