Reporter FIRED After Attacking President Trump

As Thanksgiving neared the end, President Trump jumped into the Twitter take-down of an “award winning” journalist for her #FakeNews efforts.

The reporter started her day with claims that Trump spent his holiday “Tweeting, golfing and more.” Then she went down in flames!

It’s no secret mainstream media isn’t a fan of Donald Trump. But in the beginning, they at least tried to dress their articles up as if they were bona fide, fact-verified truths. Now, they brazenly sell their lies, with no regard for facts.

This time, it was award-winning Jessica Kwong that jumped into the hot seat. Kong’s Newsweek assignment was to cover Trump, the Trump family, his administration and campaign for re-election. But it seems she was day-dreaming the headlines.

In fact, the morning of Thanksgiving, Kwong tweeted her article full of fictional details of the President’s holiday. A few hours later, the real news showed quite a different story. Trump flew to Afghanistan to serve turkey and mashed potatoes to the military troops he so respects.

Then, instead of golfing, Trump met with Afghanistan’s leader and resumed peace talks with the Taliban. Not too bad for a day the rest of us spent stuffing ourselves on cranberry sauce and honey ham.

Like a typical leftist, Kwong thought she could just delete the tweet and downplay the situation. She actually called it “an honest mistake.”

And that’s when Kwong learned the power of the internet.

Tweeters Weigh In

Kwong was shocked to see how many people were truly offended by her lack of due diligence.

Here are just a few of the tweets I read.

Then Kwong’s colleagues started to weigh-in.

But it’s Donald Trump, Jr who really put Kwong in her place.

Trump’s Take-down

The President’s son is fed up with the constant barrage of lies against his father. So, he wasted no time interjecting a little truth into the situation.

Friday, the President returned from his trip, and he was happy to add his two cents to the conversation.

  And then he responded to his son’s tweet with a lovely little jab at the disgraced publication.

Newsweek Responds

I’m not sure why it took Newsweek so long to respond. Maybe they were hoping Kwong’s mistake would go quietly into that good night. Instead, Trump, Jr. made sure the world was well-aware of the blunder.

This particular tweet went viral.

With nearly 9,000 shares and almost 30,000 likes, Newsweek was forced to address the situation. Especially when DJT, Jr obliterated Kwong’s sorry excuse for an apology.

Finally, Kwong was fired today. It should’ve happened the moment her bosses realized she was talking out her ass and published it as fact. But at least a reporter finally paid the price for making things up.

Here’s the thing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Those opinions shouldn’t be censored. Not by Newsweek, the President, Facebook, or any other entity. And it’s perfectly fine to debate those opinions with anyone on either side of the spectrum.

But what we don’t have is the right to just fabricate the facts. Especially in an effort to make our Commander in Chief look like a buffoon. Too bad they didn’t let Trump say the magic words. YOU’RE FIRED.









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