Trolling Democrats Pin 2020 Hopes on Multi-Billionaire

While I was in NYC recently, I visited Trump Tower. While there I took a stroll down to the Trump/Pence store located in the lower level.

After browsing a bit, I and other patrons talked openly about support of President Trump. I declared that President Trump would win easily, and he would get much more of the black vote than Democrats think.

One NYC security officer (not a real cop) overheard the conversation. He quietly disputed my assertions. I loudly told him that Leftists are all idiots, and President Trump would have them crying like babies once again in 2020.

As I left the store, the officer muttered, “Go Bloomberg”. And that’s what made me laugh. But back to my story in a bit. First, I’d like to explore a story I read about how Bloomberg could “buy” the election.

This implies that Democrats are stupid enough to sell their votes…and get nothing.

The article explains:

Michael Bloomberg spent $174 per vote to win his third term as New York mayor in 2009 for a total of $102 million. If he spends the same to win the presidency, notes New York Post columnist John Podhoretz, it will cost him $12 billion.

Podhoretz sees that money better spent funding a third-party candidate “that might represent the first real political opening for a political-electoral movement that is neither Democratic nor Republican in 150 years” and could even “help build an apparatus that could live on after him.”

That’s especially since Bloomberg is running as a Democrat, which though popular with his anti-gun and pro-climate change rhetoric, doesn’t make him so big with his past stop-and-frisk policies.

Podhoretz admits, however, that the though Bloomberg may look like a darkhorse, so did Donald Trump just four years ago.

I only hope Bloomberg enters the race.

Not long ago, Bloomberg removed himself from consideration. He didn’t fully explain his position, so allow me to summarize it for you. Bloomberg believed then that President Trump has done too good of a job to be challenged. Trust me, nothing has changed.

There exists no upside for Bloomberg. The idea that he could challenge President Trump is best left as an idea. Because the reality can be one ego-battering truth. Don’t believe me, just ask creepy Joe Biden. Or better yet, ask Cankles Clinton.

Bloomberg’s wealth can’t undo Trump’s unlimited earned media. If Democrats believe Trump commanded the media in 2016, wait until 2020.

Back to the officer in Trump Tower

This clown only proves what I’ve been saying on my radio show and elsewhere. The fact is Democrats hate their choices of candidates. Biden was to be the shoe-in, and he blew it for the third time. His campaign now resorts to begging for support.

Elizabeth Warren is more toxic than Agent Orange. Democrats know she can’t beat Trump. And neither can anybody else on their ticket. So as the officer at Trump Tower proved, Democrats want a new choice.

Now the irony. Democrats picked the richest, whitest, non-Democrat they could find. How’s that for showcasing all their party stands for?!



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