Bloomberg Admits Trump WINNING

Recently I wrote an article giving 5 reasons why Bloomberg actually hurts Democrats. And things have worsened for the Party of Lynching of Black People.

Initially, Bloomberg polled at one percent. With over $20 million invested in the race thus far, Bloomberg barely moved the needle. I don’t think Bloomberg will gain any serious traction, and apparently, others feel as I do.

Even billionaire and long shot presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg understands the problem. After announcing his campaign for president, Bloomberg justified his vanity project by arguing that Trump has a better chance of election in 2020 than he did in 2016.

Bloomberg claimed that he is the candidate to fight the “existential threat” of Trump, but the former New York City mayor won’t be the one to beat the sitting president. Bloomberg is “the most disliked candidate in the race,” according to a recent Morning Consult survey. Despite having 88% name recognition, Bloomberg is polling at just 2%.

Ouch. That’s a bad Q-factor; the measure of a celebrity’s real popularity.

Clearly President Trump has no fear of Bloomberg.

“He’s not going to do well but I think he’s going to hurt [former Vice President Joe] Biden actually,” Trump, 73, said of Bloomberg. “There’s nobody I’d rather run against than little Michael.”

“He doesn’t have the magic to do well,” Trump added. “Little Michael will fail.”

Trump also said that Bloomberg has “got some personal problems”. The president added that Bloomberg may “spend a lot of money” on a campaign, but “he will not do very well.”

I’ve alluded to the “personal problems” of Bloomberg, a man whose net worth was around $4 billion when he became Mayor of NYC, but was worth over $40 billion when he left. Pretty interesting climb, given that Bloomberg experienced such enormous growth in wealth while working full-time on behalf of New Yorkers.

Then add this statement about taxing the poor to Bloomberg’s resume:

Bloomberg described the nanny state.

While I agree with him that all citizens should pay taxes, we wildly disagree on why. I believe every citizen should be able to say that he or she has “ownership” in America. This would stop the class warfare caused by Leftists.

Regardless of Bloomberg’s view or the traction he gets, President Trump maintains a huge advantage:

We know who Trump is.

That’s a huge advantage to Republicans and to President Trump. Many didn’t like him, perhaps still don’t. But you can’t argue against success.

Hardly a lever pulled by President Trump hasn’t yielded a jackpot for Americans. Tax cuts, three sevens and a big payoff. Trade negotiations, Trump rolls 7 so much, that some believe he’s loaded the dice. Undoing of the Obama legacy of egregious legislation, Trump went all in with a royal flush. WINNING!

But who is Bloomberg? Even Democrats really won’t know.

As The Epoch Times wrote:

On the issues, it would be complicated. Both are capitalists and obviously pro-business, so Bloomberg will have to tilt to the left more than he might want to (or actually believe) in order to differentiate himself from Trump. Bloomberg is likely to pick climate change as a big issue for him because it’s relatively safe. He might pretend to against the border wall, but it would probably be a pose.

Indeed, that would be the big problem for Bloomberg. He’s really not all that different from Trump, except in style. And where he is—gun control, etc.—the working class in the industrial Midwest would not be impressed.

Donald has already dubbed Bloomberg “Little Michael.”  Tacky perhaps, but, as we all recall, it worked against “Little Mario.” I think, in the end, Trump would march through Michael Bloomberg. And any of the other candidates.

If Bloomberg doesn’t fix his Q-rating and grow his base significantly, his time as a candidate will be shorter-lived that Eric Swalwell. He could pull a Tom Steyer, and stay in the race, spending millions for shiggles. As a multi-billionaire, Bloomberg has that luxury. But does he really want the legacy of a presidential candidate loser?

Regardless of what happens, I’m happy that Democrats have two multi-billionaires so interested in their own races, they won’t support other candidates. That’s a big win President Trump likely didn’t calculate.

My prediction: Bloomberg is much ado about nothing.




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