Leftist Coup Plotter Changes Tune on FBI

Looks like one of the co-conspirators against Donald Trump changed his tune. I guess the Former CIA Director under Obama recognizes the futility of his past actions.

Now John Brennan, an outspoken critic of President Trump acknowledges “there were mistakes made”.

Brennan refers to the highly controversial Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) application process. Obviously,  new details were revealed in the scathing report about the Russian investigation issued by the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz.

While the media attempted to downplay the report, the public knows how bad this report is. Especially for much of the Obama administration’s Holder-led Department of Justice. And that’s why Brennan has changed his tune.

Appearing on MSNBC, Brennan was asked by host Chris Hayes about “abuses” uncovered by Horowitz. In the IG Report, Horowitz explained 17 significant errors in the renewed FISA applications into former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

“Well clearly, there were mistakes made based on the inspector general’s reports,” Brennan responded. “And I know that a lot of people attribute it to either to incompetence or politicization. Well, I might just attribute it to, these were FBI agents who were doing their level best to try to prevent Russia interference in the election.”

“They were probably overly aggressive, they didn’t pay careful enough attention to some of the details, they may have ignored some aspects of the work that was uncovered. But I think the IG was very clear that politicization did not seem to creep into any aspect of their work either at the initiation of the investigation or throughout.”

Probably overly aggressive? Didn’t pay careful enough attention to some of the details? May have ignored some aspects of the work?

The venerable FBI? Run by the most straight-arrow non-partisan bureaucrat in DC was overly aggressive, inattentive, and shoddy in their workmanship?

That’s putting things mildly to say the least. But that’s as close as Brennan can come to a mea culpa on the FBI’s part in the attempted coup of Trump.

In this same interview, Brennan explained how the Obama administration used the various agencies within the Department of Justice. He describes the “political football”:

Brennan showcased what I teach about Leftism on my radio show and elsewhere. Democrats show you their dirt openly, when they pretend to care about an issue.

Brennan perfectly described how Obama weaponized the federal government against Trump for political purposes. And when we get to the unadulterated truth of this attempted coup, Americans will learn how ruthless Democrats can be in pursuit of power.

So while Brennan now pretends to care about weaponizing the DOJ, he’s certainly unnerved 7 months ago, when he chastised AG Barr’s investigation into the matter of Russian collusion, specifically the information submitted to the FISC for spying into the Trump campaign. For Brennan, this investigation proved that “President Trump doesn’t care about the national security concerns of the intelligence community”:

Ah, the old “It’s a matter of national security” defense.

In this case, Brennan is right. Undoubtedly, he and many others violated national security protocols in their attempt to thwart candidate-Trump, and ultimately President Trump. And only 2 months ago, Brennan still towed the party line when he reacted to the president’s press conference where Trump railed against the impeachment inquiry.

Ahhh, the impeachment inquiry. The very same impeachment inquiry forced Brennan to officially admit the truth. At the very least, this investigation was tainted by the FBI.

Clearly Brennan softened his language, because he knows the CIA is next. After the CIA, James Clapper’s NSA enters the target zone.

Soon, 2020 will provide America real 2020 as we look back on what the Obama administration attempted on behalf of Democrats. In the year of Trump’s re-election, Americans vision will be as clear as the year. And Democrats will pay dearly for their treason.


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