CNN Anchor Asks Guests If He Was Stupid on Avenatti

Anybody who ever thought creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti would be a good presidential candidate should be checked by a psychiatrist.

Avenatti was the Gloria Allred of ambulance chasers. Dude represented porn stars and lying skanks. As I think on this, perhaps I do see a reason Democrats would see Avenatti as a potential presidential candidate.

But for most Americans and other sane people around the world, the idea of Avenatti as president is laughable to say the least.

The lamestream media felt differently.

Like most of the media lemmings, once elite Leftists set the narrative, the minions followed. One of the minions, Brian Stelter dared question his stupidity on his show.

In this interview, Stelter asks his guests if he made a mistake in saying this about Avenatti.

Partial transcript:

Stelter: I’ve been getting some grief from Sean Hannity this weekend, speaking of Fox right, from Hannity for once suggesting that I thought Avenatti could be a serious candidate for president , so give me a media critique was that stupid on my part, what do you make of  how Avenatti was covered by CNN and MSNBC

Short answer: of course this was stupid. What credentials did Avenatti bring, except a supposed disdain for Trump?

Avenatti bathed himself in Leftism, when he worked for Rahm Emanuel’s “opposition research” firm. His job was to dig up dirt, and essentially extort political opponents. Avenatti used this talent to do the same for corporate America. Look at Avenatti’s record of achievement for yourself, and read between the lines on his high-profile cases.

Given this background for Avenatti, Stelter’s guest could have just answered his question with, “Yes Brian, you suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome, because Avenatti would never be considered a serious or even not serious presidential candidate”.

However, Markay answered:

Well I think one of the weird and and in many cases distressing things that Trump has done is basically to Trumpify his opposition as well, and you see this very often in the conspiratorial mindset many of his detractors take online, and I think that bore itself out in the phenomenon of Michael Avenatti as well. This is a guy who is very similar to Trump.

In other words, blame Trump for Avenatti?

Most interesting about Stelter’s question is Stelter knows the answer. Of course he’s an idiot for saying Avenatti would be a viable presidential candidate. But neither of his guests is willing to say this.

First, they can’t destroy the narrative.

Even though Avenatti is in prison for attempted extortion, they still want to give Stelter wiggle room for his abject ignorance.

Second, the guests don’t want to go against Stelter. It’s actually painful to watch, as they pander to make sure they get invited back.

Avenatti rose to political fame representing a porn star. Understand that Avenatti sold the media establishment on the idea that a billionaire playboy paid a porn star $135,000 to keep sex with her private.

I’m no billionaire playboy, but I’ve watch a few on TV. And they don’t need to pay off porn stars.

Even married billionaire playboys can get away with things mere mortals cannot.

For example, if Trump wanted to screw a hooker, his wife might just look the other way…while flying in their private 747 for dinner in Milan.

And then there is the fact that billionaire playboys don’t have to PAY for sex. The funny thing about having money is that you really don’t have to use it. Restaurants comp meals, as do many other businesses. They merely want the notoriety of having billionaires stop by, take a picture owners can put on the wall, and the bill is paid.

When President Trump talked of what women were willing to let him do, he alluded to what I just mentioned. And to think that he would need to pay a skank like Stormy Daniels for sex is patently ridiculous.

If Trump paid Daniels for anything, it would be a nuisance suit. Wealthy people unfortunately settle these types of suits quite often. The Stormy Daniels of the world is why wealthy people wall themselves off from people. They can’t be sure who likes them for whom they are and who likes them for their money.

As for Stormy Daniels, any reasonable attorney would have quietly contacted the accused and settled it quietly. But Avenatti was paid to do what he does best: dig up dirt. Except this time he met a guy willing to back.




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