Hillary Clinton Flirting with VP Spot

Hillary Clinton’s optimism reaches a new high. Well, sort of.

Content that she will never be president through the normal election process, Hillary Clinton may be hitching her wagon to one of the other future losers, known as Democratic Party candidates.

According to Doug MacKinnon of The Hill, Clinton may be in negotiations with a few candidates, particularly former Vice President Joe Biden and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg. In fact, we predicted she’d jump on a ballot with Bloomberg months ago. Hedging her bets, MacKinnon reported that Clinton may try to team up with whomever gets the Democratic nomination.

As you can see, Clinton is loyal to a fault.

In his unintentionally comedic op-ed, MacKinnon wrote that Clinton “would add the gravitas, delegates and, eventually, millions of votes needed to get them over the finish line on Nov. 5. I am assured that Clinton is on every shortlist for that position.”

Why not add Blagojevich to the short list of running mates?

MacKinnon added,

“If I were in Trump’s world, this scenario would send chills down my spine.”

I bet President Trump is as worried about Clinton as he is, well…Joe Biden.

Does any serious Democrat believe President Trump fears any of the Democrat field? They change front-runners more than a prostitute changes condoms.

As for Clinton’s visibility on the political scene, some suggest she is raising her profile in order to keep herself relevant. Her most recent attempt came at the Sundance Film Festival, where Clinton stirred controversy with attacks on Bernie Sanders.

While at Sundance, Clinton promoted her four-part Hulu documentary, titled “Hillary”. And the timing certainly raised eyebrows, as the series premiered only 10 days before the first big Democrat test in Iowa.

And Clinton said that Bernie Sanders was “not a team player”? In her torching of Sanders, Clinton also claimed that people “don’t like him”.

Isn’t that the Democrat pot calling the kettle socialist?

Frankly, I see Clinton’s move as purely a publicity stunt, aimed at finding a new honey-pot. After all, the family “foundation” has fallen on hard times.

If any candidate does pick Clinton as their VP, I suggest he or she sleep with one eye open. And it wouldn’t hurt to hire a few body guards. Actually, an army of body guards, and perhaps a body-double.

Because Clinton is determined to lead the free world. Thus, nothing will stand in her way, should she get the chance.

Thankfully for America, Clinton nor any other Democrat in this cycle will win the presidency against Trump.


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