Legendary Rock Star Labels Trump Mass Murderer

Pink Floyd’s very own Roger Waters decided to ridicule President Trump publicly.

According to Waters, Trump is both a tyrant and a mass murderer. And he’s turned the USA into a “fool’s hell.”

And it gets worse. According to Waters, Bernie Sanders is our only hope. I’m not sure the man who composed the ultimate stoner’s anthem is the best guy to see political analysis from. But he let us have it nonetheless.

According to Breitbart:

The British rocker spoke earlier this week in New York at a Q&A session following a screening of his concert film, Us + Them, according a report from Rolling Stone. He launched into an unhinged rant about President Trump when asked why more Americans aren’t upset about the current administration.

“This is a man who has failed at fucking everything in his life except becoming the biggest … tyrant and mass murderer and mass destroyer of everything that any of us might love or cherish in the whole [world], only because he has the power,” he reportedly said.

“Unfortunately, he has his finger on the button on it, and he’s right. In ‘Pigs,’ when we put up that he has a bigger button and it works, it does. And it’s working all over the world, murdering brown people for profit.”

Sounds like Waters believes Trump is driving around killing folks and loading them in the bed of his pick-up truck. But Waters extreme views are nothing new. In 2017, he drew criticisms for comparing Israel to Nazi Germany.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

The British rocker has become one of the most prominent voices over the past decade in the movement to boycott Israel. His most recent battle was with Radiohead, which refused to cancel its show scheduled for this week in Tel Aviv.

Nevertheless, Waters claimed the BDS movement is “hovering around a tipping point,” and that Israel is heading toward being a “pariah state.”

Of course he rambled on, much of which was incoherent and nonsensical. The, Rogers was quick to exert his American-hatred as well.

Fool’s Hell

Waters disliked Trump from the get-go. Perhaps he doesn’t want to see the United States return to its former glory, although for the life of me I can’t fathom as to why.

My only thought is that he killed off one too many brain cells. And he can’t relate to a President who hasn’t been whacked out on cocaine.

Of course, the country is full of raging socialists who buy Waters’ rhetoric.

“The United States of America is not a fool’s paradise; it’s a fool’s hell,” [Waters] said. “And watching [the film], it reminded me that the great battle is the battle between propaganda and love. And propaganda is winning. Sadly, the buttons of the propaganda machine are being pushed by people who are fucking sick. These sick, sociopathic fuckers, all of them, every single one of them. Believe it or not, Donald Trump is somewhere down here, floundering around in the muddy water at the bottom of the oligarchic pool.”

Then Waters added that if more Americans were passionate about politics, “you wouldn’t have Donald Trump as a president, you wouldn’t be having all this nonsense with the Democratic primaries, with them trying to destroy the only candidate who can possibly win against Donald Trump, Sanders.”

Apparently Waters needs a little lesson in American civics.


The reason Donald Trump is in office is because Americans decided to get passionate about politics. They were weary of watching their country fall apart. And we can thank Obama for that.

We were locked into trade agreements that left us with the short end of the stick. Our economy was in shambles. Obama left us with no jobs and no manufacturing prospects. Our police were under attack. Illegal immigrants both flooded and drained our ‘system’ while disregarding our laws.

Of course, Waters if famous for writing “we don’t need no education.” Thus, I think it’s safe to assume he doesn’t see the power in knowledge. In other words, Waters has no idea what he’s talking about.

Donald Trump isn’t killing brown people. He’s putting a country back to work, and back on top. Perhaps Waters should stick to entertaining the stoned masses. Especially if he thinks Bernie Sanders stands a chance come November.




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