Former Democrat President Won’t Endorse Biden

It took Barack Obama a long time to endorse Joey “Fingers” Biden. Only after all hope flew out the door for another candidate did Obama finally give the nod to Captain Demento.

And it was a half-hearted endorsement Obama gave. He was hesitant, to say the least. Because Obama really needs somebody who can beat Trump. No, really! Sadly for Obama, he knows that Biden is not the man.

Without a Trump loss, Barack Obama’s legacy gets an even more brutal beating than the one Obama received by Trump’s first 3 years in office. Aside from Trump showing America and the world what real leadership is about, Trump will soon expose Obama as a traitor. Human scum, as President Trump recently called him.

Speaking of an exposé, back to voyeur Joey Fingers.

The endorsements are almost unanimous. There remains one president who hasn’t endorsed Joe Fingers, and that is former President Bill Clinton. Strange, considering all the endorsements that came shortly after Biden’s victory in South Carolina.

Almost all the presidential candidates immediately jumped on board after Biden’s South Carolina win. Although Obama came late to the orgy, he still made it. But not Bill Clinton. And we all know how much Bill Clinton loves orgies.

Liberals call out Bill Cllinton; #KevinJacksonWhat’s up with Bill? Answer: damaged goods.

The Hill writes,

Some Democrats say that’s likely not unintentional, arguing that a high-profile endorsement of Biden by Bill Clinton would be off-key as the former vice president deals with a 1993 charge of sexual assault from a former staffer.

“Talk about a man who doesn’t fit the moment,” said one longtime Democratic fundraiser.

I’d say it’s about time Conservatives started asking questions about Bill Clinton’s absence of endorsement. Just to tweak the Leftists a bit.

Clearly Biden doesn’t want the Tara Reade story to stay in the news cycle. So he’s ecstatic to see the cycle dominated with stories surrounding Mike Flynn. But it’s only temporary. Because Tara Reade is not going away.

Reade’s story may be avoided by the fake news. But Trump will bring it up. He will do it to wrangle Biden; potentially during a debate or by tweet. And I suspect the president’s team may tie Biden to Bill Clinton as part of a tangential strategy.

Because Bill Clinton is toxic.

And not just for reasons involving rape and sexual abuse of women. Clinton is synonymous with scandal involving The Clinton Foundation. So Biden shares not one, but two major issues with Bill Clinton.

The Hill article continues:

“Republicans would have a field day,” said one Democrat who served in the Obama White House. “Even though President Clinton left with high approval ratings, he’s still catnip for the right [wing], especially at this moment. The optics would be terrible.”

The former aide said that “it’s no coincidence” the public has heard from Hillary Clinton but not her husband, saying it’s smart to put off an endorsement for some time.

Let’s be clear. Bill Clinton will never endorse Joe Biden. And that’s why we must call him and Hillary Clinton out for it. We must ask the question Democrats refuse to ask: Why hasn’t Bill Clinton endorsed Joe Biden?



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