Trump Officially Cuts Ties with WHO

The world is learning that President Trump is a serious man. And he doesn’t make idle threats.

When he got elected, he warned NATO countries to pay their fair share. Leftists accused the newly elected president of angering our allies. Trump dismissed the claims, essentially saying with friends like these, who needs enemies.

“Pay your f’g bills”, Trump declared; though I paraphrase his actual comments. And NATO obliged.

No more leeching off the America taxpayers for protection. America lived up to its obligations. Now others would do the same.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg thanked the American president for pressuring NATO’s 28 member countries to increase their defense contributions.

Since Trump became president, Stoltenberg claims that NATO allies are now starting to pony up more of their money towards strengthening the alliance “after years of decline.”

Stoltenberg made it clear that NATO members have to pitch in to keep this alliance going, stating that “NATO is a strong alliance, but to remain a strong alliance, we have to be a fair alliance.”

He also added, “And therefore, Allies have to invest more in defense. You have a very clear message on that, and your message is having a clear impact.”

President Trump issued other warnings, and not just about paying bills.

He warned North Korea that our button is bigger than theirs. He warned Russia about America’s oil reserves, and our ability to make life difficult for them.

Trump warned all nations taking advantage of the United States in trade. He renegotiated separate agreements with Japan and South Korea. Then passed the USMCA with Mexico and Canada.

Rest assured that all of these new agreements are better for America. Not that Trump is a genius, but the other agreements bent America over the chair to be taken advantage of.

No longer will America carry an almost $800 billion annual trade deficit.

These and other Trump moves allowed America to become the number one economy in the world again. We experienced monstrous GDP growth, quarter over quarter and year over year. Then came the Chinese Wuhan Virus Hoax of 2020.

An intentional move by Democrats to take advantage of a virus for political gain. The move might have worked, had Trump not been president.

Trump quickly put the blame where it belongs. China.

But China had a partner in the World Health Organization (WHO). Now they had better hope China can float the note, because President Trump has cut ties with the organization.

According to WFLA8:

TAMPA (WFLA) -President Trump has announced the United States is terminating its relationship with the World Health Organization and directing its payments to other public health organizations.

Last month President Trump announced that he would be instructing his administration to withhold funding for the World Health Organization while the White House investigates the organization’s role in how it handled the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Trump alleges “mismanaging” and “covering up” by the WHO on the virus’ spread.

America provides between $400 and $500 million to the WHO annually, the president said. Trump added China contributes roughly $40 million to the organization per year.

The United States already works with other countries on keeping a lid on pandemics. And if the Chinese Wuhan Virus is any indication, we are smart to go our own way.

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