Democrats Get HORRIBLE News on Coronavirus Polling

Democrats plotted to destroy the robust Trump economy. And they used the Chinese Wuhan Virus to do it. Sadly for them, they failed again.

While the economy hasn’t returned to normal, it’s moving in the right direction. The stock market has regained almost half its losses. And in less than 60 days since the massive drop around mid-March.

Considering that many of the financial stimulus measures haven’t kicked in, that news forebodes even better news

According to Rasmussen, the numbers prove the Democrats failed to scare America into submission; at least for the long haul.

Voters are more eager to get back to work but aren’t convinced things will be returning to normal for many by next month. Most remain worried, too, that they’ll get the coronavirus if they return to the workplace.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 43% of Likely U.S. Voters think it’s time for America to get back to work, up from 36% less than three weeks ago. Thirty-eight percent (38%) still disagree, down from 49%, while 19% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Forget the actual numbers, as they are skewed anyway. Look at the delta, i.e. the difference between the last report and this one.

43 percent ready to go back to work, up 7 percent. Combined with 38 percent who disagree, down 11 percent.

That’s an 18 percent delta in movement in the other direction. So who do you think is winning the war on information as it relates to the Chinese Wuhan Virus?

When you dissect the report further, you get to the crux of what Democrats tried to do. They wanted to scare Americans into staying home and getting a taxpayer check.

Rasmussen reported,

But 65% are concerned personally about getting the coronavirus if they go back to work, with 33% who are Very Concerned. That compares to 71% and 41% respectively in mid-April. Thirty-three percent (33%) don’t share that concern, but that includes only 13% who are Not at All Concerned.

Among those who are ready to return to work, however, only 45% are concerned about getting COVID-19 in the workplace, with 17% who are Very Concerned.

Again, bad news for Democrats. Because not enough people are “Very Concerned” with just 17 percent of those wanting to go back to work. In other words, those eager to go back to work don’t take the Chinese Wuhan Virus as seriously as they do their standard of living. No longer do they fear death to paying one’s bills.

Simply put: the scare is over.

This won’t stop Democrats from trying to scare Americans during flu season. Excuse me, Chinese Wuhan Virus season. Because there will be no flu deaths this year.





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