George Floyd: Biden’s Posthumous VP Running Mate

Rest assured that Democrats will attempt to milk the death of George Floyd to the fullest.

I commented on a radio show that Joe Biden found his running mate. The posthumous George Floyd.

I’m surprised Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler haven’t convened Congress on Trump’s part in the affair. After all, Trump should be impeached over this police brutality, right?!

In what should be a tragedy handled by the justice system, we have a new “Ferguson”. As soon as the details emerged about George Floyd’s death, I knew what came next.

From my book Race Pimping:

Constantly make big threats to the media about “all hell breaking loose,” “bloodshed,” and brothers and sisters “finding freedom at home.”

Throw in “Burn, baby burn!” for good measure.  None of it has to make sense, which is why this tactic is so cool.

Have a press conference and make big demands. Say if those demands are not met by a certain deadline, there will be serious consequences:

In 1990, at a ‘state of the inner city’ press conference at city hall, [Michael] McGee—then a Milwaukee alderman—announced his intention to create the Black Panther Militia unless the problems of the inner city improved. He sought to enlist street gangs in the militia and provide them with weapons training. ‘They can fight and they already know how to shoot,’ he said. ‘I’m going to give them a cause to die for.’ By 1995, McGee threatened, the militia would carry out violent attacks in the city against “the government, the big private interests, the multi-millionaires.”[i]


In this case, all hell indeed broke loose. Because hell is what Leftists wanted. And now the race pimps emerge.

Former NFL star and take-the-knee-for-social-justice activist Colin Kaepernick rallied calls to “fight back”. Where has this clown been as Chicago registered a record number of murders over Memorial Day weekend? And every week since the last [insert black guy killed by cop here] occurred.

Interesting absence, in the wake of all these deadly attacks on blacks.

Race pimp Kaepernick on Thursday tweeted:

“When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction.

“The cries for peace will rain down, and when they do, they will land on deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance. We have the right to fight back!”

Kaepernick hasn’t had press in ages, so he lives for these moments. Put another way, Kaepernick doesn’t feel alive unless some black man dies. But he’s not the only race pimp.

They come in all shaped and colors. LeBron James, quiet on blacks dying daily at the hands of other blacks, was quick to condemn this action. As were virtue-signalers, Odell Beckham Jr., and Steve Kerr, Fox News noted.

Sadly, America now gives street cred to those who make issue with every black not killed by another black. And it doesn’t have to be a cop, as we’ve learned from the incident in Alabama, as well as George Zimmerman. The race card, though torn and tattered still gets played far too often.

As for Biden, Floyd makes a great running mate. What other choice does he have? Expect to see his race pimping soon.


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