Leftists Panicked: Judge Denies Request to Shut Down Trump Rally

Leftists fear Trump’s rallies. And they have every right to feel this way. Because Trump packs the house!

Trump rallies have their own atmosphere. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in the world, at a Trump rally you will feel good. The energy at these rallies rivals the best concert you’ve ever gone to. And now the president has new material.

He’s been on lockdown for months. Like a good comedian, Trump gathered new observations and jokes, and he’s locked and loaded.

Pelosi’s “African outreach” should provide lots of fodder. And what about the lack of masks and social distancing during the riots? Democrats blew WuFlu Plandemic 2.0 over the death one black man.

And what of Trump’s accomplishments? 2.5 million jobs in May. With expectations of losing 10 million?

No wonder Democrats want to stop the rallies. But it didn’t work.

An Oklahoma judge has denied a request that would have forced President Trump to cancel a re-election campaign planned for Tulsa on Saturday, the day after Juneteenth.

The reason for the suit is two residents, who claim they are immunocompromised, joined with two Tulsa organizations — The Greenwood Cultural Centre and the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation — to file suit against ASM Global, the management company of the BOK Center, where rally is scheduled to be held.

“If ASM Global moves forward with the event without adequate review, planning, training, protective equipment, and safeguards, cases of COVID-19 — and the unavoidable attendant deaths — will rise,” the complaint said.

Now keep in mind that nobody is forcing these people to attend the rally. But still the Left sued.

Moreover, get me statistics that validate any allegation in this frivolous lawsuit. The CDC, the WHO and many doctors have blatantly lied about WuFlu.

The judge apparently sees through the ruse of this lawsuit.

Because he denied the complainants request that rally goers wear mandatory face masks and practice other social distancing requirements.

Who are these people who believe they can determine what’s right for everybody else. Put another way, if you want to wear a mask, wear one. If not, don’t. Isn’t life really that simple?

Sure. Until Leftists get involved. I’ve heard people say, “Wearing a mask is for the safety of others”. Bullsh*t.

We’ve never worn masks to this extent. Not for the seasonal flu, a real threat to the elderly. So what’s this all about?

Trump rallies represent a real threat to Democrats

The media can’t ignore them. And due to the number of people who attend, Democrats can’t pretend that Trump is not popular. I heard that over 300,000 people requested tickets to this rally. That’s almost as many people who watch the Indy 500 every year, the largest sporting event in the world.

Bigger than the biggest singing act, sporting event, or whatever.

Consider that Trump “retired” for a few months, and in his comeback he’s setting new records. Democrats can’t take Trump out.

And what really bothers them is how they compare? Where are the Democrat rallies; besides the looting and burning of cities?

Think Democrats want to test to see if he Biden can draw a crowd. How many tickets would be requested for an in-person event featuring Joey Fingers?

What the hell; throw in Obama. Why not both Obamas. Got a number in mind?

Biden and Obama are doing a virtual fundraiser. Think 300,000 people will respond? Even virtually?

Trump rallies in 2020 showcase the same thing they showcased in 2016. Only people are more excited to support Trump. Trump has won over most of the naysayers by being a stellar president. You catch his act, but still find yourself wanting more.


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