Liberal Late Night “Comedian” Attacks McEnany

Let’s just call this tale “Beauty and the Douche.”

Liberal bloviator Jimmy Kimmel, who BTW claims to be a comedian, attacked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany calling her a “willfully ignorant woman” during a woefully unfunny monologue.

Huffington Post details:

During Tuesday’s White House press briefing, McEnany was quizzed on Trump’s mocking of his 2020 Democratic rival.

“The president’s excited to see that Joe emerged from the basement,” she replied. “It is a bit peculiar though that in his basement right next to his wife he’s not wearing a mask but he’s wearing one outdoors when he’s socially distanced, so I think that there was a discrepancy there.”

Kimmel wasn’t buying it.

“No you don’t, you don’t think that,” the comedian fired back.

“You’re a willfully ignorant woman,” he added.

Kimmel and McEnany traded barbs last week after the late night host mocked Trump’s claim about taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure for the coronavirus.

Kimmel Wasn’t the Lone Gunman

In a feeble attempt to jump onto the dogpile, wannabe liberal muckraker Tom Jones did some mudslinging of his own at the Press Secretary:

Now she just looks overmatched. The job and this moment seem too big for her. While she’s doing her best to protect and support the president, McEnany far too often comes off looking petty, vindictive, tone-deaf and simply not up to the challenge of adequately doing her job.

Perhaps it’s the newness of the job and her total lack of experience in this area. Maybe she simply isn’t capable of being an effective press secretary. Or maybe she simply can’t defend some of the indefensible things President Donald Trump says, does or tweets. But in barely more than a month, McEnany has already had several high-profile controversies.

Here’s the thing McEnany needs to learn: She’s not going to outsmart the White House press corps. They’ve been doing this for a long time, and are very good at their jobs. If she believes she is going to get into a match of wits and that she can duck and dodge questions, she’s wrong. These reporters aren’t going away, their questions aren’t going away and her responses are recorded and remembered.

McEnany’s arrogance is as evident as her incompetence so far and it’s a bad look not only for her, but the president she serves.

McEnany is not the first conservative woman the late-night misogynist has attacked.

Kimmel frequently targeted Kellyanne Conway, Nikki Haley, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Or when (the aptly named) Andy Dick groped Ivanka Trump during a 2007 taping of his show.

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For The Record…

Mrs McEnany has degrees from both Georgetown and Oxford, and is a graduate of Harvard Law School.

She was an intern for former-Congressman Adam Putnam and the George W. Bush White House; a CNN Commentator; a researcher for Mike Huckabee; and the lead spokesperson for RNC.

In addition, Kaleigh is also married to an MLB pitcher and a mother.

Ignorant” and “Inexperienced” are two words that do not come close to describing this amazingly accomplished young woman.

“JEALOUS” and “ENVIOUS”.  Now those would be words to describe those two nihilists.

And…For The Record…

Jimmy Kimmel, who BTW had to be ‘given’ an honorary degree by UNLV because he lasted only one year at Arizona State, came to fame cohosting the raucous The Man Show.

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New York Times recently described:

From 1999 to 2004, the show — created and hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla, and later Joe Rogan and Doug Stanhope — was, as Mr. Kimmel once put it, “a joyous celebration of chauvinism.”

The idea was to appeal to men with a certain brand of over-the-top frat-boy humor: crude jokes about beer, bodily functions and women, with a sidekick who could drink a pint in one gulp, resident “Juggy girls” who entertained the audience with their, well, have a look at the name, and credits that ran while women jumped on trampolines in short skirts and bikinis.

In the show’s first episode, in a monologue (manologue?) atop the Hoover Dam, Mr. Kimmel and Mr. Carolla asserted that “Just as these heroic men did 60 years ago, we are building a dam: a dam to hold back the tidal wave of feminization that is taking over this country; a dam to stop the estrogen that is drowning us in political correctness.”

Times have changed, certainly. And so have the television perches of some of the former “Man Show” hosts. Jimmy Kimmel is on network late-night television with “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” speaking openly about health care and gun violence. CNN has called him “America’s conscience.”

One of The Man Show’s most infamous stunts was their attempt to repeal the 19th Amendment:

Another notorious stunt Kimmel pulled was described by Fox News:

A bit from the show circulated in which Kimmel approached women on the street and asked them to guess what was in his pants.

“I’ve stuffed something in my pants, and you’re allowed to feel around on the outside of the pants. You’ll have 10 seconds to then guess what is in my pants,” Kimmel said to a woman he apparently met on the street. “You should use two hands.”

Later in the bit he asked one woman to “put her mouth on it” and made sure another participant was at least 18 years old because, “Uncle Jimmy doesn’t need to do time.”

Despite the #MeToo era, Kimmel acted like a sanctimonious, self-congratulatory, “Jackhole” in an interview with Australia’s The New Daily:

He wasn’t averse to a reboot of the skit show either, saying: “It would absolutely result in a s–tstorm, and there’s absolutely nothing better for ratings than a s–tstorm.”

Kimmel even ventured that his past behaviour gave him “more credibility”.

“To hear someone like me talk about equal rights for homosexual people hits harder than when people hear [Ellen Degeneres] talk about it. To hear the guy from The Man Show talk about that in an inclusive way – I have some credibility.”

It’s an unusual stance from a host who regularly speaks on the big issues like gun control, US healthcare reform and, of course, #MeToo and sexual harassment in Hollywood.

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I’m Sorry…Kinda.

The only true remorse Kimmel has shown was his quasi-apology after running recent fake video of Vice President Pence, but that was only due to tremendous backlash.

But Kimmel is no comedian, he’s a bully.

Like all bullies they love to dish it out, and can’t take the return punches:

Its also clearly obvious that Kimmel is no Johnny Carson either.

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