SCOTUS Unanimous Ruling Against Obama

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Karma circles in on Barack Obama. And as the saying goes, “Karma is a bitch!”.

On the heels of losing against the Russians and General Flynn, Obama faces another blow by the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court splits on many cases, mostly down ideological lines. However, the court unanimously bitch-slapped Obama in this ruling.

According to Fox News, SCOTUS saw through a politically-motivated prosecution:

Bridget Anne Kelly, Christie’s onetime deputy chief of staff, and Bill Baroni, a Christie appointee to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey — which operates the George Washington Bridge, major airports, and other bi-state commuter crossings — were convicted in November 2016 of wire fraud, civil rights violations and other charges. The case revolved around Kelly, Baroni and another Christie ally, David Wildstein, allegedly creating traffic problems in Fort Lee, N.J. by closing lanes at the George Washington Bridge under the guise of conducting a traffic study.

The designed congestion, the Supreme Court noted in its ruling written by Justice Elena Kagan, was political payback against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich after he declined to endorse Christie’s reelection bid.

However, the ruling noted that since the goal of the traffic scheme was not to obtain money or property, the federal fraud statutes under which Kelly and Baroni were convicted did not apply.

“[N]ot every corrupt act by state or local officials is a federal crime,” Kagan wrote.

No basis in law. Ergo, Obama is a vindictive prick. And he surrounded himself with people who were just like him.

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The article continues,

Christie told Ingraham that Fishman  “was told by many members of the bar that the case he was pursuing had no basis in law — and in fact today, he didn’t get one Supreme Court justice to support his interpretation of the law.”

The former governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate said Fishman “invented” charges against Kelly and Baroni and “dragged” his administration through years of turmoil and cratering public approval ratings while the investigation itself was “filled with leaks and improper activity.”

“This is not over yet,” Christie said. “I think we are really going to have to look at what happened in the Obama Justice Department.”

As we know about Obama and his staff, they have no limits when targeting enemies. Just look at the crooked schemes manifested in the FBI. So consider this ruling indicative of what’s coming from Durham. What Americans will soon see is undeniable proof of how crooked the Obama administration was. Further, they will connect the dots.

Obama allowing the DOJ to target Trump is worse than a million “George Floyds”. More people than not now realize how powerful and uncontrollable the government became under Leftists like Obama. But there is a bright side, because they won’t let it ever happen again.



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