Big Trump Campaign Shakeup

Unlike Obama, who kept dead weight around his entire administration most of the time, President Trump gives you one chance.

Obama’s administration will go down in history as potentially the worst in terms of the competency of his staff.

Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton got people killed in Benghazi, so Rice got promoted to Director of National Intelligence, and Hillary Clinton ran for president. Only in a Leftist “affirmative action” administration would such incompetence be rewarded.

Not with Trump. The president will give you a shot. But if you blow it, you’re fired.

Leftists tried to paint turnover as a bad thing. Yet, Trump didn’t care. He kept firing the incompetents. Perform or else.

Then the government got too comfortable, ergo fat, dumb and happy. Government long ago became a place for the ineffective to linger. Look at both Obama and Joe “40 Years of Nothing” Biden. Neither man is worth pissing on to put out a fire. They accomplished nothing of note.

Trump has fired, let go, reassigned many people. And none of them flourish.

Omarosa is a has-been hag, as are most of the people leading up to the two most recent: Bolton and Berman.

Mattis tried to have his day in the sun only to get third-degree burns. These aren’t necessarily bad people, though many were. But they were bad for America.

Again, President Trump’s campaign receives an overhaul, moving Chief Operating Officer Michael Glassner to a new role. Previously in charge of presidential rallies, Glassner will now handle legal issues.

Rumor is that Glassner was reassigned due to the Tulsa rally.

The shake up and Glassner’s reassignment are in part a result of how badly things went in Tulsa, sources tell ABC News. The campaign denies this allegation.

“This is not a reaction to Tulsa. Michael Glassner is moving into the long-term role of navigating the many legal courses we face, including suits against major media outlets, some of which will likely extend beyond the end of the campaign. He is one of the founding members of Team Trump and his dedication to the success of the president is unmatched,” Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh said in a statement to ABC News.

Perhaps Glassner is competent. But Tulsa didn’t look good. And if I know Trump as I think I do, somebody had to pay with a pound of flesh.

Decisive. That’s what Trump and team are. Handle your business or get reassigned; if you’re lucky.

I like Trump’s style. Especially now, because things changed after the WuFlu. Glassner apparently didn’t adapt to that change, so he’s out. A young bull to replace the old one. Just like nature.



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