AOC SHOCKS Democrats at DNC Convention

I predicted that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would use her sixty seconds to piss in the Democrats’ punch bowl.

What did Democrats think would happen when they allotted only sixty seconds for one of their most radical members to deliver her message? Holy Mother of Kamala, AOC would NOT take that insult lying down. 

So AOC struck back as my friend Isaiah Washington tweeted:

No 7-second delay? Apparently not. Now the world watched as AOC rubbed Democrats’ heads in her crotch.

The New York Times reported:

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York spoke for roughly 90 seconds on Tuesday night at the Democratic convention to nominate a fellow democratic socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, for the presidency and laud the progressive movement he had helped advance over the course of the race.

The balls on that one. What must Pelosi be thinking now, particularly given Biden’s inability to win over Sanders supporters?

In the Kentucky primary, though running unopposed, Biden captured only 57 percent of the vote. Sanders got 17 percent.

In the New York primary, Biden got 67.2 percent of the vote, but Sanders garnered 19 percent.

In both cases, that number is bigger than the “You ain’t black” vote.

As for AOC, clearly she felt snubbed by the DNC, as the New York Times points out

The relatively small and procedural speaking role for Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, a huge young star in the Democratic Party, was disappointing to many of her admirers, especially given the swaths of time allotted on Tuesday night to lesser-known Democratic state officials and even Republicans like Colin L. Powell, the former secretary of state. But those officials had backed Joseph R. Biden Jr. in the presidential race, while Ms. Ocasio-Cortez was a staunch champion of Mr. Sanders.

The Democrats played politics and it backfired. Because they didn’t have the balls to not let her speak, and relegated her to a mere minute. They even tried to advertise it as if she were being treated fairly: “AOC will receive sixty seconds”.

Sixty seconds is ONE MINUTE!

So much for Democrats “scoring” by showcasing RINOs Colin Powell and John Kasich. The Republicans jettisoned those two clowns years ago. Thus, if you’re keeping score: Republicans 1, Democrats -13.

Republicans intimidated Democrats into embarrassing AOC with that offer. And they caved.

Further, what’s happening at their convention proves yet again that Democrats are far from united, particularly when it comes to policy.

AOC and Sanders have a vision of America that even Pelosi can’t stomach. And that’s saying something.

So what happens to AOC? Who knows? But if Democrats don’t put their dog on a leash, that crazy chick will be the leader of that party of morons one day.

There is good news for Democrats, however. They can enjoy their fake polls until November 3.


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