Biden Taking Heat for this BIG FLIP

Now that the Democrats’ convention ended, Biden searches for a new audience. So now Biden returns to the real world. And in that world sanity rules.

If things were as Leftists want Americans to believe, then Biden (like Clinton) already occupies the Oval Office. Poll after poll puts Biden firmly ahead of President Trump. Clearly Democrats must believe Biden has smooth sailing ahead?

Or maybe Biden and his team of “special needs” handlers are not quite as demented as we believe, at least when it comes to believing the Democrats’ bullsh*t poll numbers. Because Biden has found Jesus in tax relief.

Interestingly, the man who happily promised a tax hike now reneges. But before we get to the “new and not improved” Biden, let’s hear what he said of Trump’s tax cuts on Oct 23 of last year in Scranton, PA:

At that event, Biden happily sold his constituents on the idea of his tax hike. And then he got the bad news on how well tax hikes poll. That, and how his candidacy is doing.

According to The Hill, Biden now says he won’t tax those making under $400,000.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said in an interview aired Sunday he will not raise taxes for Americans making less than $400,000.

The Democrat, in a joint interview aired on ABC News with his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), said everybody should pay “their fair share.”

“I will raise taxes for anybody making over $400,000,” Biden told ABC’s David Muir.

Biden added that “no new taxes” would be raised for anyone making under $400,000.

Funny to hear Biden making the same promises Obama made in 2008–adjusted for inflation, of course.

Obama said he wouldn’t tax anybody making less than $150,000 and couples making less than $250,000. In the end, Obama taxed damn near everybody with the Obamacare tax.

And Obama showed businesses no mercy either. Obamacare crushed the throats of small businesses with the vengeance of Baby Black Zeus. As the article points out, Biden will do the same:

Muir also pressed Biden on if it is “smart to tax business” while the U.S. is recovering from the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s smart to tax businesses that are in fact making excessive amounts of money and paying no taxes,” Biden told Muir.

“It’s how we did it last time,” he said, in reference to the 2008 recession that he as vice president under former President Obama led the economic recovery of.

It appears that Biden’s brain is as frozen as his face.

Does this clown realize that Obama presided over the worst recession since The Great Depression. And he got $10 trillion in “stimulus” to fail.

Trump built on Obama’s “Affirmative Action” economy, now saving it twice. But Biden thinks that criticizing Trump is the ticket to the White House. Biden commented on Trump:

“Look [at] what he’s doing. The money was supposed to go to help small businesses. You have 1 in 6 small businesses that have already closed. You’re finding a situation that over 60 percent of the money — only 40 percent of money for small businesses went to small businesses.”

Those 1 in 6 small businesses that have already closed were closed by devious Democrat demagoguery. And the 60 percent of the money that didn’t make it to those small businesses was stolen by the very same Demoncrats.

Pelosi loaded the bill to help small businesses survive by funding museums, lobbyists and other special interests, payoffs for sexual harassment claims against Democrat congressman, and other pork. Shameful.

Nevertheless, Biden wants small businesses to think he will save them. So when pressed on whether taxes will be raised on small businesses, Biden declared “no.”

He added that taxes will not be raised on the “90 percent of the business that are mom and pop businesses that employ less than 50 people.”

There’s that magic number. 50. One over 49. That’s what makes a business big versus small; just one employee.

Biden said of these businesses, “We have to provide them with the ability to reopen. We have to provide more help for them, not less help.”

Biden’s talking about the people who closed mostly small businesses due to the “plandemic.” Meanwhile, Democrats force small businesses to restructure themselves to accommodate the Wuflu lies. Also, Democrats put most of these businesses on lockdown. Thousands of companies went bankrupt due to Leftist policies. Yet Biden thinks they will support him?

I don’t think most small businesses will buy the flip. As you can see, Biden plans to kill a Leftist sacred cow:

If he will remove the tax credit from that Leftists sacred cow, then what makes anybody believe he will stop there?

Surely, we all know better.



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