Biden’s Running Mate Already Sabotaging His Bad Chances

Biden definitely chose the right running mate if his goal is sucking up to get ahead.

We’ve known all along how Kamala works her way to the top.  And the same people who say “Trump doesn’t look very presidential” seem to embrace a candidate who lost her moral compass decades ago.

What makes Kamala look “vice-presidential?” I’d really like to know! Because from where I sit, she looks like a looney tune.

It’s ironic that Harris gave her convention speech in an empty hotel room decorated with American flags. Not a soul to cheer her on and applaud her remarks. Meanwhile, Trump dared the world to mess with his convention. That’s the metaphor for this election. To break it down, following Donald Trump is a path to greatness. Meanwhile, leftists are following a man who can’t remember his own policy half the time.

As for Harris, I’m sure it was quite the challenge to follow the left’s greatest orator. Or as Kevin Jackson likes to call him, Baby Black Jesus. Harris made lots of warm and fuzzy remarks. However, what Harris lacked is a plan to put those ideals in place. She didn’t talk policy. She just went for an emotional connection.

Speaking of policy, Kamala has some gaping wounds already.

Just take a look at her latest actions. Harris involved herself in the NBA / WNBA shut-down of play-off games.

As Breitbart explains:

Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris used the phrase “monumental courage” to describe decisions by the NBA and WNBA to cancel games, in protest of the officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake.

Breitbart News reported that the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks opted to boycott the fifth game of the Eastern Conference playoffs in light the August 23, 2020, officer-involved shooting of Jacob Blake. As a result of the Bucks’ decision, the NBA announced it would postpone three other playoff games set to take place as a show of support.

So Kamala Harris is celebrating these protesters, as if they are heroes. And these protesters are stirring up backlash over a criminal. Keep in mind that Jacob Blake had a warrant for his arrest. He was waving a knife at police. They tased him and he still wasn’t subdued. Using his firearm was the last thing this officer wanted to do. And as a former prosecutor, Harris should recognize a justified homicide when she sees one.

Instead, Harris jumped on the leftist bandwagon. Why? To score points with #BLM?

Boycott Them All

I’m not going to lie. I don’t even watch basketball on TV. I’m more of a football fan. But the past few years, I haven’t even thought of going to a game. And I’m sure as hell not watching the morons on TV.  With all these protests, I wouldn’t even accept free tickets.

Sadly, we have Colin Kaepernick to thank for these horrendous acts of disrespect towards our nation. I’m sick and tired of people who make millions of dollars each year just playing a game. These entitled athletes think sitting on the sideline can make a difference.

But if these people truly give a shit, why aren’t they in their hometowns running football camps in the off season? Or funding after school programs that keep kids away from the dangers of the streets. Why aren’t the mega-rich athletes donating money to the people who have to save up to attend one of their games? That’s how you make a difference.

No one is going to grab their gun during a drive-by and say “wait, the NBA didn’t play their game tonight. I think it’s time for me to straighten up.” Of course, leftists know they’re not furthering their cause. They’re just after the notoriety of it all.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but I happen to believe we could better. Just not under the leadership of Joe Biden. Because he sold his soul to the government tread mill decades ago. And he’ll never get it back.









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