Democrats’ Shocked by Post-Convention News

Democrats know they put on a sh*t show. Their convention was a disaster by any standards.

Sure they tout all the retreads, and brought out the typical sad stories in an attempt to demonize President Trump. But it all failed. Nothing resonated with new voters, as Trump wrapped them up much earlier.

It didn’t help that Democrats hid their candidate. And expect them to continue that losing strategy; because frankly, there is no winning strategy for them.

No matter what Democrats try, Trump stays three steps ahead of them. Frustrating, to say the least.

PJ Media wrote:

Following the historic nomination of the first woman of color to the presidential ticket for a major party, something extraordinary happened. The incumbent president’s approval rating went up. According to Rasmussen, President Trump’s daily approval rating, which had been bouncing around in the high 40s since early August, jumped three points from the day before to 51%.

Rasmussen recorded a similar three-point swing in the “strongly approve” and “strongly disapprove” ratings. On August 19th, 35% of likely voters strongly approved of the job Trump is doing, while 44% strongly disapproved. On Thursday, those ratings were 38% and 41%, respectively. It is interesting to note that Barack Obama’s approval rating hovered in a similar range between July and August leading up to his reelection in 2012, according to Gallup.

Rasmussen published another interesting finding. It asked likely voters whether watching a convention had ever changed their vote. Nearly one in five respondents said they had decided to vote differently after viewing the conventions. Even though 74% say that has never happened for them, 19% of likely voters have been persuaded in the past. That is a pretty big opportunity for either party.

Not Much Enthusiasm for Biden as Democratic Convention TV Ratings Tank

Among likely voters, 53% say they will be watching at least some part of the Democratic convention this week. Fifty-one percent of self-identified Democrats are very likely to tune in. By contrast, 81% of Republicans plan on tuning in to the Republican National Convention, with 49% saying it is highly likely they will do so.

The most interesting response came from unaffiliated voters. Among those likely voters, only 44% said they are likely to watch at least some of the Democratic convention. However, 52% say they will tune in when the Republicans take the stage. Since these voters are often considered Independents or persuadable voters, this is excellent news. There is an 8% swing towards the GOP, indicating less interest in the Democrat message.

These results are consistent with a particular aspect of several recent polls. Biden has a significant number of voters that are not voting for him. Instead, they are voting against President Trump. In such a case, it is not really necessary to hear what Biden and the Democrats have to say.

On the Flip Side

Trump is well ahead of Biden in the polls. No matter how they manipulate the data. In fact, CNN recently admitted that Trump is closing the gap (by their standards). We already know Trump’s performance eludes polls. But Trump clearly reaches the people.

Voters consistently choose Trump because they vote by policy. Only a handful of conservatives say their vote is “against Biden.” Because conservatives don’t worry about Biden’s egregious personality. Instead, they focus on Biden’s lackluster performance. Forty years on deck, and not a single accomplishment to his name. (Where’s that cancer cure Joe? We’re still waiting!)

Standing in stark contrast to Biden’s list of failures is Trump’s list of successes.

    • Our borders are more secure.
    • The stock market and Dow Jones both set records on a regular basis.
    • Prison reform is in place.
    • Trump’s economy was stronger than American’s have seen in decades pre-pandemic. But not all hope is lost. Trump is positioning us for an economic recovery unlike anything we’ve seen before.
    • The median household income is steadily rising.
    • Trump took us out of unfair trade deals such as NAFTA.
    • Women and minorities gained more employment opportunities.
    • Trump signed the biggest package of tax cuts in US history.
    •  Small businesses have the lowest tax rate they’ve seen in 80 years.
    • Eliminated record number of regulations.
    • Removed ObamaCare penalty for tax payers.
    • Helped win U.S. bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.
    • Helped win U.S.-Mexico-Canada’s united bid for 2026 World Cup.
    • Cut opioid prescriptions by nearly 20%.
    • Enacted “right to try” policy.
    • Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care.

This list could go on for pages. But the point is clear. While Biden spent forty years on nothing, Trump spent four years knocking his campaign promises out of the ball park. And four more years will only cement our successes.

The bottom line is this. Democrats already lost the election the moment they handed their nomination to Creepy Joe Biden. And his sidekick was icing on the disaster-cake.



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