Seen the Republican National Convention Ratings Spin?

If you think presidential polls are fake, you need to see the convention ratings.

We know the Democrats performed like a 3rd-grade talent show at their convention. The only reasons people tuned into that sh*tshow was (1) they ran out of sleepy-time meds, or (2) they could not resist looking at the carnage of what’s left of the Democratic Party.

Most Democrats bit their nails as Joe Biden gave his acceptance speech.

“Please don’t f*ck this up, Joe!”, Democrats thought to themselves.

Ironically, the high bar for that speech was for Biden to read the teleprompter without offending black people anymore this month. Others hoped Biden could avoid displaying obvious signs of his dementia.

Interestingly, some people speculate that the speech had been previously taped. But not because the speech was so moving or profound. They wondered if it were recorded, because Biden is so gaffe-prone, and actually was able to read the speech without cracking.

Democrats became so used to Biden screwing up public appearances, they reduce themselves to cheering when their short-bus presidential candidate avoids making a gaffe.

Please, somebody convince me that Democrats care more about Biden than Republicans do Trump. Because Biden’s numbers show nothing of the sort. If Biden is watched at all  by the public, it is purely for amusement purposes.

With all the star power Democrats brought to bear with all their Hollyweirdos, Leftists self-described their convention as a “snoozefest”, a “train wreck”, and so on. Leftist comedic hack Trevor Noah even mocked the convention, his usual non-comedic barbs being reserved solely for Trump and other Conservatives. But the DNC forced Noah to look at the pathetic event and crack a couple of jokes about the debacle.

However, for those watching the Wuflu-impacted Republican National Convention, things were much different.

The Republican National Convention scared Democrats. Trump and team got the message out. In my unofficial poll, about 70 million Conservatives made up of Republicans, former anti-Trumpers and former Democrats watched the event in one form or another. That’s because Conservatives actually care about what President Trump has to say.

Unlike Biden, Trump solidified his base long ago. Consider that while Biden is running unopposed in primaries, he only gets 60-80 percent support from his party. By contrast, Trump consistently gets well into the 90-percent range.

Trump supporters love the man. And the Republican National Convention offered a very different look at America. And Americans took note.

One major difference is Trump appeared every night at the RNC. Trump is unafraid to meet the public. Meanwhile, his opponent looked scared and feeble, hunkered down in his basement bunker.

The RNC was a resounding success. I hadn’t had so many people text me, saying it was head and shoulders better than the Democrats. Clearly, the RNC won. Pageantry, speakers, and results.

The event was so successful, the poll numbers for Trump rose. That fact caused a panic among Democrats, who began issuing warnings to their party.

CNN host Don Lemon implored Democrats to shift strategy on policing and their allowing lawlessness in major cities. Lemon’s warning was in direct response to Trump’s pro-law and order stance at the convention.

Other Democrat strategists cautioned Democrats on Biden’s “hide and hide” strategy. Again, they compared Trump versus Biden in approaches.

Nevertheless, Democrats love to win in their imaginations. Thus we get the following information about who “won” in the convention battle:

WXXI News reported:

The GOP lost the TV ratings race this week, as prime time viewership for the Republican National Convention was consistently below figures for the Democratic party’s virtual convention last week, according to figures released by Nielsen.

Republicans got their largest audience on Thursday, when President Donald Trump accepted his party’s nomination for re-election, with an estimated 23.8 million people tuned in from 10 p.m. to 11:45 p.m. across 13 different networks. That was less than the 24.6 million people who watched the night Joe Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president across 12 networks–one fewer–on the final evening of that party’s convention on Aug. 20.

Opening night numbers showed a wider gap, with 17 million viewers for the RNC’s first evening on Monday, compared to 19.7 million viewers for the DNC on Aug. 17; Wednesday night saw 17.3 million viewers for the RNC compared to 22.8 million who watched Aug. 19, when Kamala Harris accepted the vice presidential nomination.

The only night the GOP drew better than the Democrats was on the convention’s second evening, Tuesday, which featured a speech from First Lady Melania Trump. The RNC drew 19.4 viewers over 11 networks, compared to the Democrats’ 19.2 million viewers on Aug. 18.

Let’s concede the TV ratings. Because I don’t think it matters.

I know I watched the parts of the RNC on my smart phone. And I know many others who did the same. I watched, because I wanted to hear certain speakers, many whom are friends. Most of my viewing was prompted by friends or family who recommended I listen quickly to the person speaking at the time.

And the only reason I wasn’t watching on TV is I was on a mini-vacation with limited access to TV.

My point? Again, ratings don’t matter. And I don’t say this because the media reported that the Republicans lost. I know from common sense, this rating summary is patently false. But I learned in 2016 to allow the Left their indulgences.

So congratulations, Lefties. You won the convention ratings. Oh, and congratulations again on that pre-election 2016 polling that had Hillary Clinton winning! Enjoy…for a while.


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