The Hidden Trump Vote

The part of the iceberg under the water for Trump in 2020 makes the 2016 berg look like a pebble.

Only fitting that the part of the iceberg under water look like Trump!

That huge underwater part of the iceberg represents the pent up angst that many Conservatives and former Democrats feel. They witnessed the prowess of Trump, even as Democrats attempted to destroy him. They now know the true nature of Democrats.

That revelation felt by the millions of converted Trump naysayers is why I predicted Trump’s next win will eclipse Obama’s record-setting 68 million in 2008. Trump will garner over 70 million of the popular vote.

I theorize this because the hidden Trump vote grew immensely from 2016 to 2020. And no polls reveal that directly. Nevertheless, most Conservatives feel it, and Democrats sense it.

Take for example the latest average from Real Clear Politics. This poll keeps a running tally of all national polls. In this one, Joe Biden leads Trump by 7.2 percentage points. As I’ve said many times on my radio show, no serious poll has Biden leading Trump. Nevertheless, let’s pretend that we believe this latest poll. If that’s the case, look at the other two most recent polls which have Biden leading by double digits, one by 10 points, the other by 13.

In other words, Trump is closing a gap that really doesn’t exist.

Reports have Biden winning battleground states. Below are polls for the six top swing states:

⦁ Arizona — Biden +3.7
⦁ Florida — Biden +4.0
⦁ Michigan — Biden +7.5
⦁ North Carolina — Biden +4.6
⦁ Pennsylvania — Biden +4.7
⦁ Wisconsin — Biden +5.0

Wishful thinking for Democrats. All these polls have a lopsided Leftist demographic and are as reliable as a heroin-addict babysitter.

Again, these polls don’t account for the part of the iceberg under the water. The unseen, unheard voter. The voter who refuses to answer polls.

A poll by Monmouth University of 401 Pennsylvania voters found that a majority of voters think there are Trump supporters out there who aren’t being counted. Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute wrote:

“The media consistently reports that Biden is in the lead, but voters remember what happened in 2016. The specter of a secret Trump vote looms large in 2020.”

“Most voters (57%) believe there are a number of so-called secret voters in their communities who support Trump but won’t tell anyone about it. Less than half that number (27%) believe there are secret voters for Biden. The suspicion that a secret Trump vote exists is slightly higher in swing counties (62%) and Clinton counties (61%) than in Trump counties (51%).”

“Remember 2016” might well be Team Trump’s battle cry. And the Monmouth poll numbers bear them out. 57 percent believe there are secret voters for Trump. Believable, though everybody I talk to says they believe the Trump support is larger than reported.

But I don’t buy 27 percent who won’t admit to voting for Biden.

First, that number should be 100 percent. Only a moron would vote for Biden. To paraphrase Biden, “You ain’t right, if you vote for Biden.”

Second, why be a secret voter for Biden? Outside of outing yourself as an idiot, there are no serious ramifications in supporting Biden. Nobody will threaten your life. Nor will anybody key your car, or try to burn down your home or business. The same is not true for Trump supporters.

And while one might think that after Trump’s performance as president, supporters would no longer need to hide their affiliation. Trump earned his adulation. However, instead of things getting better, things worsened.

Still, the Trump team knows what’s happening with his base. Thus, they don’t buy the polls. Trump knows a few things about people. So, he knows the solidity of his Republican base. Truthfully, Democrats wish Biden garnered such loyalty; he doesn’t.

In another example of weighted polls, examine a national poll released last week by Economist/YouGov. It showed the unweighted polling sample of those surveyed was 41% independents, 34.7% Democrats and 24.2% Republicans. Again, a solid 10 percent advantage in polling.

Yet another poll by ABC News/Washington Post used a similar sample — 39% independents, 30% Democrats, and 24% Republicans.

Democrats need to feel good about their chances. But as these polls suggests, Democrats are lying to themselves. They seem determined to make Americans believe that Biden has a shot. And the only reason for the ruse in my opinion is to cover up for potential vote harvesting.

Soon the polls will narrow to within the statistical margin of error. Ultimately, Trump will more than close the gap and actually show that he’s leading, despite the lower representation by Republicans.

Ultimately, Trump will win. Easily.


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