Trump TROLLS Biden with an offer he CAN’T refuse

I will miss Donald Trump after he leaves office in 2024. Because we won’t find the political entertainment or savvy from another politician in our lifetime.

Trump constantly manages to get inside the heads of Democrats. For example, his recent executive orders stole the Democrats’ playbook from them, as they were calling plays! I wrote of Trump’s actions as follows:

Trump ruined any chances Democrats had to steal the election. The man just made the most boss moves of his presidency.

He just cut these Leftist slimeballs off at the knees.

Remember when President Trump (rightly) gutted Obamacare and Leftists said he wanted to scuttle pre-existing conditions? Well look at who Trump just made into LYING SKANKS!

Even more recently Trump crushed the throats of Democrats with a single sentence.

At the Republican National Convention, Trump declared: “I’ve done more for blacks than any president since Abraham Lincoln.”

The statement was matter of fact. And know that Trump dares Democrats to take the bait. Although the statement was made a few days ago, I have yet to see any serious challenge by Democrats to the statement. Because Trump pretty much guaranteed their silence on this issue. Democrats don’t dare give Trump ammo by denying his claim.

While these two recent examples are enough for two administrations in destroying the Democrats, Trump didn’t stop there. And his latest may cause Democrats to lose their sh*t.

In what may be Trump greatest troll of the Democrats he’s asked that he and Biden take a drug test before the debate.


Trump is treating this election like a sports event. And he is in his prime.

But though he knows he can knock Biden (and the Democrats) out with one punch, he still plays pre-fight games with them.

This reminds me of Floyd Mayweather, likely the best boxer in history who asked for Manny Pacquiao to be drug tested. Mayweather knew he could beat Pacquiao, but that wasn’t the point. He wanted to show the world that he was clean, but Pacquaio was suspect.

Trump has accomplished the same with Biden.

During an interview with Byron York, Trump said while speaking about Biden:

“It wasn’t that he was Winston Churchill, because he wasn’t. Bbut it was a normal, boring debate. You know, nothing amazing happened. We are going to call for a drug test,”

Trump continued: “I don’t know how he could have been so incompetent in his debate performances and then all of a sudden be OK against Bernie.”

Trump admits that he has no evidence, only his keen powers of observation.

“All I can tell you is that I’m pretty good at this stuff. I look. I watched him in the debates with all of the different people. He was close to incompetent, if not incompetent. And against Bernie he was normal. And I say, how does that happen?”

This is classic, “Get in the opponent’s head” by Trump. Masterful.

Biden has issues with his brain, undoubtedly, though he also has moments of clarity. But by planting the seed, Trump gets Biden’s brain working in background mode. For Biden to appear lucid, he needs all his energy going to the matter at hand. Trump’s move prevented this.

Biden has hidden in the basement for some time. But now he must emerge. No softball interview questions or other ways to prop up Joe “Weekend at Bernie’s” Biden. He will face a tough opponent who knows how to rattle his cage. And Trump will do that.

He will punch Biden from all directions. So nothing is off limits, particularly Burisma, Hunter Biden, and Biden’s participation in the coup attempt.

Frankly, I expect Biden’s head to explode with no special effects.

So Biden take a drug test. Of course not. Biden knows that Trump runs on “trumpergy”, a new form of energy Trump created after kicking Democrats asses in 2016. But who knows what cocktail of elixirs Biden needs to keep running?

But we won’t need to know. Because Trump got all he needed just by asking the question.


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