Was Chief Justice Roberts on Epstein Island

Ever wondered how Chief Justice Roberts became so Leftist? Many Americans speculated that the Left had incriminating evidence on Roberts. But what was it?

We might have our answer. 

According to America First, Justice Roberts may have been mentioned in the Jeffrey Epstein disclosures:

#BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Roberts was on Epstein’s island and was handpicked as Chief Justice because he could be blackmailed for “improper things” he allegedly did to his adopted children. Now you know how Obamacare went through and how he votes.


The Black Sphere organization doesn’t know if this information is true. So do your own investigation. That said, if this is true, it certainly clears up much about some of Justice Roberts’ decisions.

What’s the move, if it turns out that Roberts is a pedo and has been compromised. His job on the court is for life. Or is it?

Justice’s can be removed from office through impeachment. The only Justice to be impeached happened in 1805.

In that year, Associate Justice Samuel Chase–who was appointed by President George Washington–was accused of allowing his political views to interfere with his decisions and “tending to prostitute” the court and his position. The House of Representatives passed Articles of Impeachment against him. However, the Senate acquitted him.

And while no justice has been successfully impeached, the threat of impeachment led to the resignation of a justice.

In 1969, Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas resigned before impeachment. He was accused of taking $20,000 a year for life from the family of a Wall Street titan in jail for SEC violations.

If it is proven that Roberts indeed voted for Obamacare due to coercion, then we might get his resignation.

All I can say at this point is we must wait and see. If Roberts suddenly announces his “retirement”, we might have our answer.

Here’s how CNN described Roberts’ rulings:

When Roberts joined liberals on the Supreme Court to preserve an Obama-era program shielding young undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children, he surprised some of his colleagues by voting against the Trump administration from the beginning, according to multiple sources familiar with the inner workings of the court.

New details obtained by CNN reveal how Roberts maneuvered on controversial cases in the justices’ private sessions, at times defying expectations as he sided with liberal justices. Roberts exerted unprecedented control over cases and the court’s internal operations, especially after the nine were forced to work in isolation because of Covid-19.

Unprecedented control due to Covid-19? What does a fake pandemic have to do with exerting more control over cases?

Control over cases for a chief justice who appears more Leftists than pragmatic. The article continues,

The chief justice, for the first time in his tenure on the court, voted to strike down a state law that would diminish access to abortion and, in a decision for the ages, rejected President Donald Trump’s extensive claims of “temporary presidential immunity.”

Roberts also sent enough signals during internal deliberations on firearms restrictions, sources said, to convince fellow conservatives he would not provide a critical fifth vote anytime soon to overturn gun control regulations. As a result, the justices in June denied several petitions regarding Second Amendment rights.

Roberts remains a wild-card for Conservatives. For a man who previously had strong conservative cred, he appears to have done a 180.

I reiterate the disclaimer that Roberts visited Epstein’s island or even knew the man. But I would hope that this information would surface, if indeed he knew Epstein and participated in the vile sex acts with minors. What an indictment of George Bush this would be. And what of the “vetting” process.

Certainly Brett Kavanaugh might wonder how Roberts’ life of debauchery slipped through the cracks.




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