Will This Sexual Assault Survivor Speak at the RNC Convention?

Tara Reade spoke out against Joe Biden, alleging that he sexually assaulted her while a Senator. The media tried to sweep this under the rug, and accomplished this long enough to get Joey Fingers the nomination.

But is the story gone? Not if President Trump’s team has anything to do with it. 

According to this outlet, Tara Reade may speak at the Republican convention:

EXCLUSIVE: Tara Reade, who rocked the presidential primary race early this year with sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden before her story faded from the headlines in the face of adamant denials, voiced disappointment in the Democratic Party’s handling of claims from her and other survivors as its convention draws to a close.

As the former vice president prepares to formally accept the Democratic nomination Thursday night, Reade discussed her thoughts on the convention program, her experience since coming forward with allegations and more in an interview with Fox News. She said witnessing figures celebrate the man she claims sexually assaulted her has been “traumatizing.”

And she said the party has been “complicit” in what she described as “gaslighting” survivors.

“I’ve communicated with other people who are watching this who had very visceral reactions to what’s happening and how sexual assault survivors. … We’re being gaslighted, right, collectively,” Reade told Fox News. “They’re pretending that they’re the upholders of the ‘Me Too’ like a shield but meanwhile, some of their main Democratic elites, some of the main powerful people involved with the party are actually perpetrators themselves. And it’s this denial, collective denial and gaslighting of survivors, that’s been so concerning to me.

“And frankly, I think the Democratic National Committee is complicit because they’re not just ignoring it. They’re participating in it … and enabling those perpetrators,” she said.

Will she or won’t she? Frankly, it may not matter.

Just the idea of the possibility of Reade’s appearance generates enough news to put the Democrats on notice. And not just for the assault, but for the double-standard. Reade said:

“When there were Republicans being accused of that, the media and the reaction from the Democratic Party was quite different and quite aggressive and quite hostile to the perpetrator, potential perpetrator, before it was even investigated,” she said. “In my case, the hostility was directed right towards me, and I was basically silenced and erased by using classism and so on.”

“I lost everything coming forward. I lost my work, housing, money, everything because I spoke out against one of the most powerful members of the Democratic Party,” Reade said.

Further, what of the hypocrisy of the Democrats. Reade criticized the speaker lineup chosen by the Democratic National Committee for the convention. She particularly remarked on the choice of former President Bill Clinton, a man credibly accused of sexual assault.

“I’m a sexual assault survivor, so to me, what the speaker lineup showed is kind of a thumb in all of our faces. It was … really disappointing,” Reade said.

I’m sure Juanita Brodderick feels much the same.

Reade continued:

“Rape culture in the United States is thriving under the Democratic Party,” she said. “I feel that they are not only enabling but they are allowing that behavior to continue just by virtue of who they lined up as speakers who have credible sexual assault and harassment allegations against them, and I feel like there’s an abandonment of the voices that were trying to be heard that really wanted systemic change about issues like sexual harassment in the workplace and sexual assault.”

Will the Trump campaign will make sure that the subject of women’s right appears front and center at the convention? Likely. But just the threat of Tara Reade should have the Democrats shaking in their baby-seal-leather dominatrix outfits.


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