Another ‘Woke’ Racist: Democrat Candidate for Missouri Governor

It’s not just Joe Biden who showcases Democrat racism. Take a look at the woman who wants to govern Missouri.

Nicole Galloway currently serves as auditor for the state I lived in for over a decade. Too bad her accounting skills failed her in her recent racist declaration.


Partial Transcript

Galloway: You know, I have been talking about crime for a long time now.

Let’s remember what happened last year as children were getting gun down in their backyards, in their cars, in the streets. People were begging Governor Parsons for a special session to get to the root causes of crime.


The issue here though is in the special session, he’s not getting to the root causes of crime. There certainly are bipartisan bills being passed, but they’re not getting to the root causes of why crime happens in the first place.

Reporter: What are those root causes?

Galloway: So I put out an opportunity a (sic) agenda for black Missourians to address some of the root causes of crime.

Economic opportunity, economic empowerment, education, healthcare, but until we address those issue, and get weapons, illegal guns off our streets, violent crime will continue to occur.

So according to Galloway, the root cause of crime lies with the black community? Shouldn’t her “root cause” initiative have been put out for all Missourians?

Why limit the idea of crime to just blacks? Or is all crime committed by blacks in Missouri?

Interesting how Galloway takes the systemic problem of crime mostly found in the two largest cities in Missouri–both run by Democrats–then she blames Governor Parson?

Additionally, how out of touch must she be to believe that the crime problem running rampant in Democrat-controlled cities is the first-term Republican governor’s fault?

What bothers me most however, is that Galloway not only hides that the problem belongs to the Democrats, but she also tries to hide her real feelings on the issue. She recognizes what her party has done to blacks, thus her message to blacks was essentially:

“You, black people are the reason for the crime. And as your governor, I will try to fix the problems we Democrats created. However, make no mistake about it, black people, this is YOUR problem!”

What next, Nicole? “You ain’t black…”?

Galloway adds nothing new to the equation of helping blacks in Missouri or any other Missourians. She offers more of the same. Empty rhetoric.

I personally met with Governor Parson and his staffers at the Republican Governor’s Association meeting earlier this year. I can attest that he approached me regarding criminal justice reform, and helping those released under President Trump’s First Step Act to get meaningful jobs in Missouri. Further, in my discussions, we examined the Opportunity Zones and how to deploy resources that would get many more blacks back to work.

Governor Parson understands the damage done by the institutional racism of Democrats. And he has a real plan to fix things. I know this for a fact.

Moreover, Parson is not just waking up to the issue of crime. He’s well-aware of the issues fostering criminality in black communities. And as he and I discussed, criminality is NOT in the DNA of blacks.

Blacks are proud, hardworking people. Thus, we are willing to earn our share of the American dream. We just need people like Galloway to get out of our way.

But more importantly we need people like Parson to help repave the way destroyed by Democrats.


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