Consensus: Biden Too Weak and Feeble

Joe Biden demonstrate his maladies. And the public sees them front and center. The old man hunkered and bunkered.

Too afraid to emerge from his rat hole to hold a real convention. So Biden instead chose to hold a fake one. No Democrat can be proud of that non-spectacle; a Snooze-A-Palooza. 

The good news for Democrats is their convention was so pathetic, most Americans didn’t see Biden in all his non-glory. A face frozen in time. The man looked like he belonged in Madame Toussaud’s Wax Museum, next to Pelosi, half of Hollywood, and all of the Rich Housewives of [insert city here].

Clearly Botox does him no favors. He has a perpetual frown, as if the muscles underneath are straining to pop back in place. But Biden’s bad doll-like demeanor only begins to highlight his problems.

For example, in one scripted (and stilted) moment, Biden came out to meet his wife for a short message. He greets her with, “God love ya! How are ya?!”, as he kissed her cheek.


Who greets their significant other that way? A more realistic greeting for Biden would have been, “Hey Baby, thanks for being a part of this schizophrenic and demented ride you and others put me on!”

Instead, Biden greeted his wife like he didn’t remember who she was. He had just seen her earlier in the anteroom, but likely forgot. Remember when he thought she was his sister?

I commented on my radio show that Biden can no longer hide his age. He talks like the old guy sitting on the sidewalk who chats you up as you try to walk your dog. You finally change your route to avoid the delay.

But Biden even walks “old.” I can feel his muscles aching. And I’m sure if you get close enough you can hear them creaking. The Botox does not hide the old man underneath.

Trump runs circles around Biden.

While Biden hid in his Leftist lair, Trump kept busy. Nothing new, however. Because nobody outworks Trump.

In Obama’s speech, he laughingly implied that Trump doesn’t want to work. In his accusations against Trump, Obama described his own presidency to a tee. The man feared being president. And I’ve never seen a more panicked look than the moment Obama realized he would likely win the presidency. He gave a speech and tried to level-set with his adoring fans to not get too hyped. Obama tried to lower expectations; because he knew he stole Superman’s identity and wasn’t even born in Krypton. If only Superman had a skinny dumb brother who couldn’t fly.

As for Trump, he is anything but lazy. The man who built the strongest economy in the world on the heels of the “quantitatively eased,” Affirmative Action economy is clearly not lazy. So much so, that Trump built the best economy ever, twice. And he accomplished that, along with a multitude of other amazing things, while under constant attack from anti-American Leftists.

Imagine if you will Joe Biden under such an attack. The man might have a brain aneurysm trying to remember where he left his car keys.

Trump on the other hand has the mind of a 40-year-old Mensa; a mind like a steel trap. He doesn’t need to take a cognitive test, but took one for sport; for bragging rights. And he passed with flying colors.

Biden wouldn’t dare take such a test. No need, since America knows the man is demented. But still I’d like the results to rub in the faces of Leftists. Let them know how disgusted we are that they tried to elect a demented man to run the country.

Trump ages backwards. He has the carriage of a man in good shape and in his 50s. Trump bucks the trend of how old presidents look after the first term. The man hasn’t aged a bit. Biden ages in dog years.

Biden avoids routine interviews, much less difficult ones. And despite the high choreographing of his campaign, Biden still shows his weaknesses. He accused Trump of being “weak” on everything, as Biden describes himself.

Biden refuses to confront domestic terror groups. And he capitulates to the most radical element of the Democratic Party.

Biden got backed into a corner to pick a black female running mate, because he was too much of a p*ssy to pick the best candidate.

He’s weak on trade and standing up for American principles.

While I disagree with most of Biden’s policies, there was a time the man had a backbone. He doesn’t anymore. So, the contrasts in this election couldn’t be more clear. Trust America to again make the right choice.


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