The debate is set. The day Democrats prayed would never come. And now we have the topics.

The Commission on Presidential Debates announced the topics Fox News Host Chris Wallace picked for the presidential debates between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Thank GOD Biden has a week to prep for these topics. Because with no teleprompter or other ways for his handlers to help him, Biden will need a good dose of drugs to get him through this one.

The commission stated that they released the topics early to encourage a deep discussion of the topics. But you can bet “the commission” is made up of Leftists who hope an extra few days of help can benefit Sleepy Creepy Joe.

The debate will be held on September 29th in Cleveland, Ohio. The topics are as follows: “the Trump and Biden records,” “the Supreme Court,” “COVID-19,” “the economy,” “race and violence in our cities,” and “the integrity of the election.”

As for timing and topics, no matter. Trump was born ready. And come what may, the topics are teed up for President Trump. With his record, any topic is fair game. Moreover, Trump will astutely work in Biden’s issues, which will get Biden on tilt.

For example, Trump and Biden records.

Trump has a record of stellar performance, and Biden has a record of failure. 47 months of crazy success balanced against 47 years of failure. Once Trump mentions what he’s done in the context of what Joey Fingers says, and Biden will be looking for “Karen’s” tit to suckle.

Biden relies on years of padding his resume. He regales audiences with stories of him graduating at the top of his law school class. Or he brags of multiple degrees or flying jets in war zones. Lies on top of lies.

TheĀ announcement said that these debate topics are subject to change based on “news developments”. Like what? Another Supreme Court justice dying? Or Durham handing down indictments?

No topic is off limit to Trump. But there are plenty of taboo subjects for Biden.

This highly-anticipated first debate face-off between Trump and Biden will be held at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.

They say there is no order for the topics. And both men get to study more. But Biden must study; Trump not so much. For me, Trump’s ability to nuance questions into things Biden would consider off limits, like Hunter Biden.

Fifteen minutes will be devoted to each of the debate’s six topics, with the event scheduled to last 90 minutes. The second debate is set for Oct. 15, while a third and final debate will take place on Oct. 22. There will be also be one debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Biden’s running mate, on Oct. 7.

Expect Trump to be relaxed at each debate. While he will show some sympathy with Biden’s situation, he will show no mercy. This debate is between a man at his political prime, and a weakened old politician who should have left politics decades ago.

As for the debate between the respective running mates, Pence will dance circles around Harris.

Fun times ahead!


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