C-SPAN FLOODED with Democrats Who Left the Party

I’ve been speaking a lot about Democrat defectors. They are different from Republicans in a few ways.

First, Democrat defectors actually exist. However, Republican defectors in the time of Trump are a figment of Democrats’ demented imaginations.

Second, Democrat defectors become evangelists for Trump. On the other hand, Republican defectors remain with the party and become a gnat at the GOP picnic.

I highlighted recent high-level Democrats who abandoned the party. Now, I challenge Democrats to produce the same. Simply put, find me any serious Republican who is unhappy with Trump. That means that person can prove he or she voted for Trump, but now will vote for Biden.

Don’t bother looking. Because Republicans who defected from Trump are more rare than Sasquatch. However, I find plenty of Democrats disgusted with their party.

Former Obama supporters  who didn’t vote for him the second time. And what of the Democrats who didn’t support Clinton? And Holy Mother of Bernie Sanders, look at all the Democrats who didn’t vote for Biden in primaries where he was the only official candidate.

As we say in the vernacular, “I ain’t mad at you!” I completely understand why somebody would not vote for Biden or the Democrats. That’s not a resume-builder these days.

Honestly, would you really want people to know just how low your standards are? Joe Biden is a short bus candidate; and that’s putting it nicely.

Biden has observable dementia. Now for most people, that would be bad enough. But Democrats might be the dumbest f*cks in the galaxy. So for them, Biden is amazing.

But how do they overlook that Biden is a lying scumbag who fattened the wallets of almost all his family members. The man is a mini-me of Hillary Clinton, only cuter.

Next, he’s been accused of sexually assaulting Tara Reade. I realize sexual assualt is a resume-enhancer for many Democrats, but Holy Mother of Al Franken, it shouldn’t be for a Senator.

Still, there is more.

Biden participated in the attempted coup of Donald Trump. Now add to this Biden’s stance on about every policy issue, and you understand how the man is unelectable. America doesn’t need another corrupt figurehead for president, particularly after 8 years of Obama.

Our country sees first-hand what life under Democrats represents. Just look at Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and about any major city in this country. Democrats are weak on crime. Thus, their constituents fear for their lives.

I haven’t seen a more anti-American group of people since I visited China.

And that’s why Democrats are leaving that party in droves.

C-SPAN asked Democrats who may vote for Trump the party to call in. The phones lit up.

Andrew Clark noted the test in a tweet:

So many Democrats have called into C-SPAN supporting President Trump this week during #RNC2020 that C-SPAN literally changed their call-in structure tonight to make it more even.

On left: C-SPAN after Biden speech.

On right: C-SPAN after Trump speech.

David from New Mexico:

“I’m a longtime Democrat, born and raised … After watching tonight … I have made up my mind. I am definitely gonna vote for Donald Trump.” #RNC2020

A born and raised Democrat who represents many more.

What surprises me is the next caller who watched the Republican National Convention and switched.

Matt Wolking tweeted about her:

“This convention just in the last two nights has awakened me that there is hope,” says a Minnesota Democrat with anguish in her voice.

“There are people that are willing to fight for us.” #RNC2020

Know that not a single Republican watched the Democrat National Convention and switched.

Wolking noted another Democrat who called C-SPAN. Wolking tweeted of Helen:

Helen in PA:

“I come from a long line of Democrats.

“I think the Democrats really have to take a look at what has happened to them. “It’s amazing how the Democrat Party has changed. “Trump is the one who’s going to take this country & make it better”

I’d love to see Democrats produce such a show. And not stage it, like they tried to do in Kenosha.

They can’t do it.







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