Day 3: Ginsburg STILL Dead and Democrats Face Grim Reality

I wrote recently that Democrats would lose their sh*t over the death of RBG. But I chuckled at their reactions.

RBG is dead and so are the Democrats. So while I never wished death on RBG, I certainly understand that death is inevitable. And I smile knowing that Democrats realize what’s next for their party.

For the party that booed God, I can only wonder how many of them now question their disbelief in the Almighty. Because God put Trump in office, and he took RBG out.

Because RBG was going nowhere, as that chick was tougher than a $3 steak! She took the “for life” part of her job literally. And you better know that the Democrats’ god, Baby Black Jesus Barack Obama begged RBG to leave so he could replace her. She refused him and every other Democrat gentleman (or gentlelady or gentlelgbtq) caller who tried to woo her to retire.

Good for RBG. She waited on God to do His will. So yes, I CELEBRATED when God called her home!

Check out this chick’s reaction to learning the news. {Language warning}

Understand that she is not alone. Millions of Leftists had this reaction, and many of them reacted worse than this demented feminist. However, things will get worse for them as reality sinks in.

Take this study Jerry Dunleavy, a reporter for the DC Examiner tweeted about:

NEW: Maquette University poll conducted a few days before Ginsburg’s death reveals 67% of American adults think the Senate should hold a confirmation hearing if a SCOTUS vacancy opened in 2020, including 68% of Republicans & 63% of Democrats.

Holy Mother of Chaos, 63 percent of Democrats want a justice during the time of Trump?

What does this number say about the state of the Democrats? Do 63 percent of them trust Trump to make his third SCOTUS appointment?

Let’s see how the Left mounts their attack against this revealing poll. Already we’ve heard Leftists asking for Republicans to “play fair”. Of course this cry for fairness references when McConnell wouldn’t allow Obama’s SCOTUS pick a vote after Scalia’s death.

McConnell pulled a fast one, however. He used the Democrat tactic of changing his mind to suit the politics of the day. Thus, McConnell says a vote will occur. And for good reason.

First, Republicans simply deserve the right to kick the Democrats in their tiny nuts for all they’ve done to President Trump for almost 4 years.

Second, McConnell is bolstered by one of his fellow Republican senators, and a potential SCOTUS pick.

Ted Cruz commented that a SCOTUS judge is necessary, because if the election is litigated, can’t risk having just 8 justices and the possibility of a deadlocked court. The lack of the 9th judge could cause a constitutional crisis.

Good point.

I would offer Democrats the choice of removing Sotomayor or Kagan to make the court 7 justices, just to get an idea of their confidence of a Biden win.

Next point. Ginsburg in her own words.

Time reported on Ginsburg’s comments:

In an interview with journalist Charlie Rose this week, Ginsburg stressed the importance of having nine justices on the Supreme Court, which has had just eight members since Antonin Scalia died in February. Senate Republicans have refused to hold confirmation hearings for President Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, arguing that it should be the responsibility of the next president to nominate a new justice.

“I would like to see the court have a full house by the time this term ends,” she said. The Supreme Court stops hearing cases in April, convening in May and June only to announce orders and opinions.


“Eight is not a good number for a collegial body that sometimes disagrees,” Ginsburg said.

In instances when the court is divided, an even number of justices makes it difficult for the Supreme Court to issue a binding judgment and resolve conflicts among lower courts, she said.

“What we do is we automatically affirm the decision of the court below. No opinion is written, no reasons are given, and the affirmance has no precedential value,” Ginsburg said. “It’s just as though we denied review.”

Democrats got some good news on death of RBG

According to The Hill, Democrat fundraising went through the roof after the death of Ginsburg.

Democrats saw a massive fundraising spike in the hours following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a jurist who had been lionized by progressives over her liberal stances on the high court.

ActBlue, the Democratic Party’s online donation platform, broke a single-hour fundraising record on Friday night when donors flooded it with $6.3 million in donations. In total, between the hours of 9 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. Saturday, the platform had processed nearly $31 million, ActBlue confirmed to The Hill.

The tally kept on the platform’s homepage continues to rise by the second.

Donations processed through ActBlue can go to several Democratic candidates for office up and down the ballot as well as a slate of liberal groups.

If Democrats had known this would happen, they might have thrown momma from the train sooner!

$31 million! That’s more than Biden could raise alone in 10 presidential cycles. Imagine what they could raise if Biden dies?!

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