Durham’s Next Bomb Drop Imminent

One month ago headlines surrounding AG Barr’s comments regarding the Durham investigation peaked the curiosities of both liberals and conservatives alike. Because we know one thing to be certain.

The fat lady didn’t sing. At least not yet.

In fact, I remember reading a headline on where some pundit predicted Clinesmith was the climax of this whole sham and nothing new would follow. I held on to it for a few days, planning to write my own prediction of why that article was just as wrong as mixing plaids with stripes. But I was quickly sidetracked and nearly forgot all about it But still, I knew Clinesmith was nothing more than a drop in the proverbial bucket. Now, curiosities are swirling again, as it seems Durham is about to have another big announcement.

I can see why leftists are acting like the high school principal after a lunchroom brawl. “Nothing more to see here, folks. Let’s move right along.” Because as it turns out, my predicting skills are on point. The only question is, who’s next?

And I’m not the only one asking.

According to Fox News:

That’s one of the big questions in Washington this month, even as lawmakers’ attention is torn among coronavirus, school reopenings, economic uncertainty, wildfires, social unrest and the presidential election.

Speculation over the status of Durham’s review into the origins of the Russia probe has only intensified amid the resignation of a top aide last week and comments from congressional Republicans suggesting developments could soon be announced.

Nora Dannehy, a top aide to Durham, resigned Friday, after working closely with the U.S. attorney for Connecticut for years. Durham’s office confirmed her departure but did not elaborate on the backstory.

Reports suggested, though, that Dannehy’s departure came amid concerns that the team investigating alleged misconduct at the origins of the Trump-Russia probe was being pressed by top Justice Department officials to produce a report on its findings before their full review was completed, for political purposes.

One source familiar with the investigation pushed back, telling Fox News on Monday that Dannehy “came in for a brief job” and questions surrounding her departure were simply from an “echo chamber trying to make things look bad” for Attorney General Bill Barr.

“They’re doing their job,” the source told Fox News. “It’s not easy to do stuff like this. Takes time.”

But, as they say, time is of the essence. If you think Trump did amazing things his first four years, imagine what could’ve happened without an attempted coup followed by bogus investigations and an impeachment hanging over his head? We’re closing in on the biggest election of any of us have ever seen. And we need to clear the runway for even greater successes as Trump barrels through his second term.

Graham Weighs In

Ironically, Lindsey Graham is one of Trump’s staunchest supporters. And it didn’t start out that way. The career politician was notably skeptical of the “reality-star-turned-president” in the early days of Trump’s administration.

Then, Graham was forced to witness the dishonest Democrats try to undermine the American people. And he didn’t take too kindly to that kind of manipulation. So, not only did Graham help exonerate Trump at impeachment, but he whole-heartedly endorses Trump’s reelection. Because, like most of America, Graham likes where that Trump train is headed.

It’s too bad Democrats didn’t just shut up and enjoy the ride!

In hindsight, I’m sure many of them wish they had. Instead, they’ve forced these counter investigations.

Fox continues:

Last week, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., hinted that developments in Durham’s investigation were on the horizon. This was after newly released Justice Department records showed numerous phones belonging to members of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team were wiped of information because of forgotten passcodes, irreparable screen damage, loss of the device, intentional deletion or other reasons—all before the Justice Department inspector general’s office could review the devices.

“You think you are mad about the phones being wiped?” Graham said on Fox News’ “Hannity” last week. “Stay tuned.”

He added: “We’ll talk in about 10 or 12 days and we’ll see if there is something else you can get mad about.”

Graham also said the issue should be considered by Durham.

Republicans, like Sens. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Johnson, R-Wis., demanded answers last week as to whether there “was widespread intentional effort” to wipe the devices and suggested it could amount to “anticipatory obstruction of justice.”

It is unclear, at this point, whether Durham’s team is reviewing the matter.

When asked whether he anticipated further charges coming, Johnson told Fox News: “I sure hope so.”

“There was an awful lot of wrongdoing that people need to be held accountable for,” Johnson said. “We continue to be slow-walked obtaining information, so the public is still in the dark regarding specifics. That said, it’s not easy to find smoking guns.”

He added: “People cover their tracks or don’t leave tracks.”

Clearly, we still don’t know what Durham’s next bombshell will be.

But I know two things for sure.

1. Trump will win the election.

2. We haven’t hear the last of Durham.

Like they say here in the south… ‘it ain’t over til it’s over.’


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