Fox News Host: Anti-Trumpers TOTALLY UNDERESTIMATE President Trump

Donald Trump is a political anathema. Politicians wrongly believed they had destroyed selflessness. Because the system was established to convert the goody-two-shoes idealists into self-indulgent kings.

Thus, the vitriol from both political sides towards Trump. Republicans called him uncouth, and Democrats called him unhinged. He is neither. Trump refused to fit the established molds, so Democrats and Republicans colluded to destroy him. Actually, they were destroying any who might be like him.

For years, Kevin Jackson told us that politics must return to the flawed man. And we must recognize that we are all flawed, and thus duly represented. But politicos pretend to be righteous people, while their true nature reveals the most vile human beings. Corrupt to their cores.

Well, America got its flawed president. Even better, we got an unpretentious man who embraced his flaws. Remember when Megan Kelly called Trump out on his treatment of women? He quipped back, “Just Rosie O’Donnell”. That moment defined Trump’s style.

Now America not only accepts Trump’s style, we embrace it.

Fox News’ Steve Hilton recognizes Trump’s appeal. As Red Headlines wrote:

During the opening of his show, “The Next Revolution”, Steve Hilton declared that the anti-Trumpers “totally underestimate President Trump.” However, his ability to change the “climate of opinion” will leave a long-lasting impression on the party even after he leaves office.

“Look, no one would call Donald Trump an intellectual,” said Hilton. “I suspect he himself would consider [it] an insult, but ideas matter. Real power in politics is not just the office you hold and the policies you introduce, all of that is fleeting and temporary.”

“Real power is when you change the way people think,” he continued, “you change the climate of opinion, you win the battle of ideas. That lasts way beyond the time you’re in office.”

Trump has indeed changed the way people think. For Republicans who wanted a blueprint to success, Trump gave it to them. And the next election will be a moratorium against Leftism and for Trump.

To Hilton’s point of Trump not being an intellectual, I agree that he may wear that with pride. Trump’s approach softens the already squishy intelligentsia into believing their hype. But they underestimated him.


Trump never pretended he would fit in with the establishment Republicans. In fact, Trump knew from the start that draining the swamp would wipe out people from both sides of the aisle.

Take John Bolton, former National Security Adviser, for example. Bolton referred to Trump’s presidency an “aberration.” But Hilton calls “bullshit.” As do the real conservatives.

“What arrogance, what idiocy. What do they give us, these establishment Republicans, two unwon wars in Afghanistan that killed over 400,000 people, disastrous trade deals that sent millions of jobs overseas and gutted the heartland,” Hilton said. “Open borders that even Bernie Sanders used to say destroyed jobs and lowered wages for the working class, and total surrender to the loony left campus authoritarians.”

Of course, Bolton heard Trump’s famous words, “you’re fired!” Because Trump is the first president since Ronald Reagan to stand up to these swamp-dwellers. And like Reagan, Trump changed the way people think. We will never go back to the brainwashed media minions that once drank the kool-aid. Instead, Trump forced us to become independent thinkers who aren’t afraid to take on the age-old powers-that-be. Just wait and see how many people learned to speak up. November 3rd will be quite telling.





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