Major Democrats Go ROGUE on Biden

You know things are bad for the Democrats when they attack the man some (morons) want to be the next president.

Clearly, things are not going well for Democrats. Their convention failed miserably. And let’s not forget that one of the Democrats “rising stars” did in her moment. AOC actually basked in the limelight to endorse another failed candidate:

But that’s not the only person who’s gone rogue on Democrats and Joe Biden.

According to Town Hall: the Democratic Party has other detractors at best, defectors at worst:

Democratic Rep. Conor Lamb admitted that Biden has a lot of explaining to do, since Pennsylvania lost a “ton” of jobs while he was in office.

“I think in a part of the country like mine, there has been a 30 or 40-year period long before President Trump came along, where we lost heavy industry, we lost jobs in coal, we lost jobs in steel, a ton of manufacturing has gone overseas to Mexico and China,” he told CNN. “And so I think anybody who was serving in public office during that period is going to have a challenge to come to a place like Western Pennsylvania and say we can get this back on track. We can create new jobs. They will pay better. We will secure your retirement but deal with the history of all of that. I’m new so, you know, nobody really held me accountable for that, but Vice President Biden has been around longer.”

If those sound like Donald Trump talking points, it because they are.

And Conor Lamb knows that in order to keep his job, he’d better get a dose of sanity. He promptly obliged.

How many other disgruntled Democrats are there? Well Holy Mother of Leo Terrell, let’s count the ways, shall we Romeo.

Leo Terrell has become one of the more vocal voices for President Trump. A former vicious Democrat who always appeared in the left panel on Fox News debates. Terrell was known for his fiery protection of all things Leftist.

Now the man should be the poster child for Democrat defectors. I don’t know of a better champion for Trump than Leo Terrell.

And what of Vernon Jordan? Another black Democrat who now vehemently opposes the Party of Lynching of Negroes, and will vote for the Republican president.

Anybody think these are isolated cases? Think again.

Though few people mention it, black voters will bring President Trump the most candidate support since Lincoln.

But it’s not just the black vote that should concern the Democrats.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, the white evangelical vote is slipping as well:

Saying he must be true to his God, his family and himself, Hobart Mayor Brian Snedecor on Wednesday officially announced he was switching his political affiliation from Democrat to Republican.

Snedecor, 61, made the announcement at the Revelli Bandshell at Festival Park, surrounded by several state and local Republican leaders and before a crowd of supporters, some of whom waved Trump 2020 flags, wore Trump hats and socks or T-shirts with the GOP elephant symbol on them.

Snedecor, a former city police chief, said his decision was not a rash one, and he said he may not be the only Lake County Democratic elected official switching parties, although he wouldn’t reveal any names.

“Over the past several months I’ve become increasingly convinced that the Democratic platform is moving more and more to the left. It’s driven many people, both moderates and conservatives, away from the Democratic party,” Snedecor said.

Snedecor isn’t the only Democrat mayor supporting Trump, either. Recently a group of mayors from Minnesota pledged their support for Trump.

Think about the ramifications of making that declaration. These mayors ran as Democrats, likely anti-Trump Democrats a few years back. And now they sense the political winds. They see Trump for who he is, and their party for what it is.

This is mind-blowing, not because these few switched. But because the many more who have silently switched.

AOC was symptomatic of Democrats disgruntled with Biden. In her case, far Leftists don’t support the man. In the case of the black Democrats mentioned and these mayors, these centrists don’t support Biden. Ironically, Biden was supposed to pull the centrists together. So what is his base? In a word: limited.

Democrats are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

Clarion Cause published:

But they’re both still in major pickles over the election. If Establishment Democrats win by getting Biden elected, that “win” will help to destroy the party over the next four years, and that’s assuming the nation is able o survive a Biden-Harris presidency for that long. If we do, then it will still be a debacle that cripples their party for the foreseeable future. On the other hand, another loss with their chosen candidate to Donald Trump could keep ushering in the leftist lurch that’s been happening in the party ever since the nomination was first robbed from Bernie Sanders in 2016.

Some may wonder why I would give advice to Democrats. In reality, I’m not. I just want them to understand their predicament knowing there’s no real solution other than for President Trump to win. At least then they can have internal battles over which wing of the party is right and wrong. If they elect Biden, there will be no internal conflict as the nation itself will be in a state of turmoil.

Biden can’t win. Because this group of formerly tried-and-true Democrats has abandoned the party.

Red State notes:

According to an article from The Conversation, Democrats have always felt that they had the black vote locked in as loyal footsoldiers “who will execute their mission for The Team on Tuesday as long as some preacher provides the right marching orders on Sunday.” That narrative, however, is “growing stale.”

A survey conducted by the site shows that, within battleground states, older black voters from over 60 years of age to those between 40-59 are still reliably Democrat. However, those under 30 (which The Conversation notes they oversampled to the point where it comprises half of the survey) have seemingly turned their back on the blue wave:

Only 47% of those Black Americans under 30 years old that we surveyed plan to vote for the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden. That’s roughly the same percentage who have anything positive to say when asked what “one or two words come to mind” about the former vice president.

Cathy Cohen, a professor of political science at the University of Chicago who studies Black youths’ political views, summed up this attitude in a recent podcast: “They’ve seen the election of Black mayors, they’ve seen the election of the first Black president, and they’ve also seen that their lives have not changed.”

More troubling for Democrats is the fact that only 47 percent say that the Democrats are a welcoming party to black Americans with less (43%) saying that Democrats do what’s best for the black community in Congress.

Democrats lost their foot soldiers in their zeal to shoe-horn Hillary Clinton into the White House.

Trump reset the black demographic. He accomplished this without pandering. He simply lived up to his promises.




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