Michael Cohen’s Book Tries to CASH IN on Trump

We learned recently that not only did Michael Cohen tape President Trump, but he also taped CNN host Chris Cuomo.

In the story about Cuomo, Cohen is described as a close friend to “Fredo.” But who records conversations with their close friends?

Understand that Cohen supposedly recorded Donald Trump, while serving as his attorney. Again, who tapes their clients? I’m no attorney, but I’ve watched enough Law and Order to know about attorney-client privilege.

I suggest that Mrs. Cohen (if she exists) start checking around the house for hidden video, given the track record of this scheister.

As for Trump’s tape, Democrats had the FBI raid Cohen’s office to get the goods on Trump. And after coercing Cohen with who knows what threats, Cohen decided to “drop dime” on Trump.

“I have TAPES!”, Cohen revealed to the delight of corrupt congressmen Schiff and Nadler.

The Democrats and their henchmen, Obama’s legacy FBI, moseyed off to listen to the tapes. And what did the tapes reveal? Bupkis.

Book time!

Now that Cohen is a semi-free man, it’s time to pay his legal bills. So in the tradition of Leftist rats, Cohen cut a new deal–a book deal.

Michael Cohen’s tell-all memoir makes the case that President Donald Trump is “guilty of the same crimes” that landed his former fixer in federal prison, offering a blow-by-blow account of Trump’s alleged role in a hush money scandal that once overshadowed his presidency.

Well if Trump is guilty, then why isn’t he in prison?

Did he fall under the protective umbrella of Comey’s crooked FBI like Hillary Clinton? Who exactly ran interference for him when Cohen turned over all records of his dealings with Trump?

The article continues, highlighting another wannabe Trump-lotto winner:

Of all the crises Cohen confronted working for Trump, none proved as vexing as the porn actress Stormy Daniels and her claims of an extramarital affair with Trump, Cohen writes in “Disloyal: The True Story of the Former Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump.”

Trump, despite his later protestations, green-lighted the $130,000 payment to silence Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, reasoning he would “have to pay” his wife a far greater sum if the affair ever became known, Cohen writes, adding the president later reimbursed him with “fake legal fees.”

“It never pays to settle these things, but many, many friends have advised me to pay,” Trump said, according to Cohen. “If it comes out, I’m not sure how it would play with my supporters. But I bet they’d think it’s cool that I slept with a porn star.”

Sure. Because billionaire playboys have such a difficult time getting women, they fantasize about bagging porn star skanks?

The White House called Cohen’s memoir “fan fiction;” that’s being kind. Add this book to the list of other failed books that target Trump.

Sadly, Cohen is a casualty of Democrat lunacy. The Democrats’ fake investigation of Trump ruined the lives of many innocent people who suffered from merely knowing the president. Well that and having no balls to stand up to the lying scumbag Leftists.

Take Jerome Corsi for example. He fought the law, but he won. Corsi dared Schiff and team to keep coming. And like all bullies, the threat of that ass-kicking going the other direction stopped leftists in their tracks.

And say what you want about weird Roger Stone, dude is a stand-up guy. He thwarted the Democrats, despite the threat and ultimate eventuality of prison. Again, trumped up charges to suit the Leftist narrative.

TBS wrote about where anti-Trump books end up. The $1 Book Store and bonfires. But I’m not mad at Cohen for succumbing. He did it once. So the second time was obviously much easier.



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