Pelosi Loses HUGE Battle to Trump

Another battle waged between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi, and Trump emerged the victor.

Then again, what else is new when it comes to Trump winning against the Left. And in the president’s latest victory over Pelosi, you can bet Trump served the old crow her crow ice cold.

As Fox News reported, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stunned America, as she finally condemned the rioting and looting. And it only took 100 days for her to reach the conclusion that rioting, looting, and arson are not peaceful protests.

You might be asking yourself, “What took so long?” The answer is simple.

Democrats birthed these bastards known as BLM and Antifa. These demon seeds were spawned for one purpose: havoc. The chaos by these groups was funded by Leftists who secretly hoped the mayhem would scare people into voting for Democrats.

Believe it or not, these warped strategies worked in the past. Because these are bully tactics. The type of techniques used by the mob or abusive partners. Bully your way into power. Prey on the weaknesses of your partner, instead of emboldening them. This is what weak people do in order to feel strong.

For these tactics to work, the bully needs someone willing to submit. Like the pre-Trump Republicans. The Paul Ryan types who would gladly roll over to Pelosi’s gangster tactics. But not Trump.

So while Democrats plotted their strategy of destruction, they miscalculated their foe. Trump took the side of pro-law and order, aka sanity.

No politics, just pragmatic understanding of people. Trump’s only goal is to give the American people what is best for their quality of life. So Trump wouldn’t play the insane game of capitulating to Leftist terrorists.

Trump has caused Democrats to go insane. And in this case, you can quantize things.

As noted by Fox News, over $2 billion spent and 10,000 people arrested before Pelosi and other prominent Democrats decided to speak out.

Below is Pelosi publicly taking a knee to offer her head to President Trump:

Partial Transcript:

“We support peaceful demonstrations,” Pelosi said Thursday. “We participate in them. They are part of the essence of our democracy.”

“That does not include looting, starting fires, or rioting. They should be prosecuted. That is lawlessness.”

Let’s recap what Pelosi has said of these riots over the past 100 days:

First, she had time to compare cops to stormtroopers when they were deployed to settle the unrest. Second, she called House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy the “enemy of the state.”

Her sentiments were largely echoed by Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, who said this of the riots and rioters:

This interview occurred back in June of this year. Harris assured the American people that the protests will not stop. Not even after the Election Day in November. Next, she even added that they “should not let go, and neither should we”.

Let’s see how long it takes for her to try to walk this statement back. Particularly given Pelosi’s mea culpa. The attempted mass mayhem failed miserably. Democrats saw the polls, and shifted gears.

Trump and his team have never wavered. The president spoke out against these Leftist goons then, and he’s never let up. Moreover, neither has his staff or political appointees.

Over the past few weeks, Attorney General Bill Barr ramped up efforts to criminally prosecute rioters. And since the time of the riots, the Department of Justice has arrested over 10,000 rioters.

But Pelosi is not alone in falling on the sword. Recently Joe Biden was forced to confront his demons and condemn the violence and looting:

While it’s easy to credit Trump for these victories, what did he actually do? Not much. He merely let Democrats catch shrapnel from their own grenades.

The political implications of this are huge. Both Pelosi and Biden surrendering publicly. Humiliated by the man who bested Hillary Clinton in 2016. Further, humiliated by the man who bested Barack Obama–for Democrats, the smartest man ever. Finally, humiliated by the man who bested the entirety of the most crooked Department of Justice since the founding of the organization.

America watched the peaceful transition of power. Pelosi gave up what little power she wields to Trump. If Marvel needs a new movie to make, this one has all the makings of a blockbuster.




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