RBG Dead: Democrats AGAIN Learn a Tough Lesson

Admit it, Conservatives. You smiled just a little when you got the news of Notorious RBG’s death. And not because you’re mean-spirited and you wanted her dead.

No, we are not animals like Leftists. Those who cheer when Republicans or Conservatives die. Leftists rejoice, even throw parties when iconic Republicans die.

As for us, Conservatives actually respect life. So we remember a person’s humanity and mourn for their families and friends who are saddened by the loss. And most of us did this for Notorious RBG. Despite our political and ideological differences.

Still, you smiled. Because you knew how Leftists were taking the loss. You relished in their panic. The moment they wanted to avoid at all costs.

Come on, ADMIT IT! I do. I freely admit that I GASPED when I saw the headline that RPG was dead, but it quickly turned to a smile.

At first, I thought it was a joke; somebody trolling me. Because I’ve been predicting the demise of this woman for what seems like a decade. But RBG hung to life like a hair on a biscuit; like white cat hair on a black wool jacket.

Seeing the story, I second-guessed myself on what RBG was made of; titanium. But then I reminded myself that the woman is damn near 100 years old and had twice battled pancreatic CANCER! DUH, KJ. Of course she’s dead!

After the aforementioned moment of humanity, my mind shifted to Democrats. Even as I write this, the thought of what went through their heads makes me smile. I swear right now I’m trying not to smile, but I can’t. It’s uncontrollable.

So now I own it.

RBG is dead and so are the Democrats. So while I never wished death on RBG, I certainly understand that death is inevitable. And I smile knowing that Democrats realize what’s next for their party.

For the party that booed God, I can only wonder how many of them now question their disbelief in the Almighty. Because God put Trump in office, and he took RBG out.

Because RBG was going nowhere, as that chick was tougher than a $3 steak! She took the “for life” part of her job literally. And you better know that the Democrats’ god, Baby Black Jesus Barack Obama begged RBG to leave so he could replace her. She refused him and every other Democrat gentleman (or gentlelady or gentlelgbtq) caller who tried to woo her to retire.

Good for RBG. She waited on God to do His will. So yes, I CELEBRATED when God called her home!

The thought of RBG’s death took me back to Nov 8, 2016. No true Conservative will forget that fateful, fate-filled, faith-filled night. Democrats all over the country prepared to celebrate the coronation of Hillary Clinton.

But I knew the outcome; I predicted it. Just like I predicted Trump would replace RBG on the court. So when the results started coming in on election night, I had that same smile I got when I learned of RBG’s passing. I knew yet again, Trump would get the opportunity to slap that smug smile off the faces of the Left.

People who believed that a worthless hang-on-hubby’s-coattail politico could and should run this nation got to watch as Donald Trump was announced as 45 POTUS. These are the same clowns who wanted us to believe an 87-year old woman with stage 4 pancreatic cancer was working hard every day for the nation.

How long was RBG incapacitated?

On Aug 31, TMZ reported that RBG officiated a wedding.

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