Van Jones ADMITS the Ugly Truth About Biden

It’s interesting to watch Democrats with their invalid old people. Like their managing of Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

Democrats hate old people for the most part. But they love RBG. Because they need to make sure that RBG outlasts Trump. For the sake of the party. And for the sake of Leftist lunacy.

The Left treats Joe Biden the same. He’s the family’s an old pet who has Grandpa left all his money to. And as long as the old dog stays alive, the family lives off the pet’s money.

But the gravy train must end. And Van Jones points out just how bad things are in the Biden camp.

Political Insider noted:

Van Jones appeared on CNN on Friday, noting just how much the Democrats were glad that Biden didn’t totally 100% screw up his speech at the DNC in Milwaukee on Thursday night.

“That sound that you hear all across the country is the sound of Democrats exhaling. People would have accepted anything,” Jones said. “We just wanted Joe to get out there. Sometimes when he gets out there you’re afraid he’s going to make a mistake or he’s going to have a gaffe. The expectations are set so low. Then he came out there and he gave an extraordinary speech.”

“We were prepared for it to be a terrible speech. As long as he didn’t embarrass himself, we were going to come out here and praise it,” Jones continued. “You don’t have to make anything up tonight. Joe Biden did that thing tonight. Unbelieveable.”

A Rather Glaring Mistake!

Van Jones admitted that they  continuously lie to their audience. Given his claims that the media doesn’t have to “make anything up tonight,” that implies they would be on full damage control if Biden completely screwed up his speech.

Biden did surprisingly well, when measured by the low standards of Leftism. Biden said nothing blatantly racist, which he is. Nor did he accost any women from behind and sniff their hair.

Biden gave a basic speech during one of his more lucid periods, and the media fawned all over him.

Jones is smarter than this. He knows that Biden did one thing adequately. But there is a long race ahead that is now compacted. Trump is more than ready for the rigors, but Biden isn’t.

The next couple of months will wear Biden down to the nub. The public will watch a man deteriorate so fast, they will believe him to age in dog years.

Rightfully, Trump will show no mercy. You can’t have a demented person run the country and Trump won’t allow it.

Nor should they be on the Supreme Court. And after Trump wins re-election, RBG may join Biden in retirement.


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