Former White House Doctor Suggests Biden Taking Performance Enhancing Drugs

President Trump rarely misses the target, politically anyway.

From his first controversial declarations around border security to his comments on the Chinese, Trump stirred the pot. And in the end, he gets it right.

So when he seemingly joked about having him and Biden take a drug test before or after the debate, he wasn’t kidding at all. Trump knows how to get people talking. And his comments about Biden did exactly that, and rightfully so.

Biden is incompetent; brain-damaged. Thus, ineligible to be president of the United States. So if he’s taking drugs, the public deserves to know.

Now, more than just Trump publicly acknowledge their thoughts on Biden’s drug use. Justin Baragona tweeted:

Sean Hannity brings on Dr. Ronny Jackson, former White House physician turned Trumpy congressional candidate, specifically to accuse Biden of using PEDs:

“But I think it’s reasonable to ask if he’s taking medications to help him with his alertness and his memory.”

According to The Hill, Ronny Jackson spoke openly about Biden’s potential drug use:

“Obviously something is going on with this man at this point,” Ronny Jackson said on Fox News’s “Hannity.” “I think it’s completely reasonable to ask if he’s being medicated because there have been a couple of times where he has come out and looked a little more energetic than he has in the last few months.”

Jackson, a Trump loyalist and candidate for a congressional race in Texas, said it is possible Biden is having “good days and bad days” as part of what he called the former vice president’s “cognitive decline.”

“But I think it’s completely reasonable to ask if he’s taking medications to help him with his alertness and his memory,” Jackson said.

Biden refuses to take a drug test. And this doesn’t bode well for him. Because Trump now has Biden either way.

If he performs well during debates, the specter of drug use haunts him. If he doesn’t perform well, then it will mean Biden can’t perform even drug-enhanced. And that’s just regular Old Joe.

Trump presents Biden with what Democrats usually present to Republicans: a damned if you do or if you don’t scenario.

Expect Trump to amp up the pressure on Biden. Imagine what goes through his demented head tonight, as he considers taking those PEDs?

And what Trump has next up his sleeve will certainly cause Biden to rethink his strategy. Stay tuned!


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