Biden-Harris Kick off Tour in AZ to NO CROWD

If former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate are so popular, then why can’t they draw a crowd.

The two kicked off their “Soul of the Nation” bus tour in Arizona this week. But they also came into Phoenix to meet with a tribal council. At that meeting there were exactly NO supporters.

Unbelievable that a national tour can begin with not a single person holding a campaign sign. Let’s put this in perspective by asking a simple question: has Trump ever landed anywhere to kick off something and nobody shows?

Quite the contrary. Trump got around the Wuflu nonsense by landing Air Force One at various airports where he is greeted by thousands. This happens anywhere and everywhere. But for Biden, not so much.

And you have to love the convenient excuse of “Covid” for the Biden campaign. Will that be their excuse for people not voting for them at the polls. Because their voter fraud strategy is clear: claim all the fraudulent mail-in ballots are legit, as people were afraid to show up because of, you guessed it…”Covid”.

It won’t help. I have made multiple videos explaining (1) why Trump will win, and (2) how Biden cannot win. And they are two separate videos that explain the futility of Democrats.

As if I needed the events in Arizona to reinforce my predictions. No. Nevertheless, they do prove my point.

If I had a gathering of people in Arizona, I could get more people to come see me than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. How sad is that.

Here’s what Yahoo reported on the Biden campaign’s visit:

In their first campaign appearance together since Joe Biden introduced Kamala Harris as his running mate, the Democratic candidates toured Arizona – alongside the late longtime Republican senator John McCain’s widow Cindy McCain – as the pair argued that Donald Trump had failed to protect the people he was elected to serve.

Don’t bother looking for much video. I’m certain the shots are so embarrassing, even Cindy McCain demanded nobody show video. Not saying it doesn’t exist, but we couldn’t find it.

The only video we found was of the launch. Listen to the echo as Harris and Biden speak at this BIG LAUNCH!

How embarrassing for Democrats. This is the best they can do; Biden-Harris?!

This launch indicates exactly how the campaign is going. So forget the polls and watch what’s happening in reality. Follow this bus tour around the country and see how much media coverage it gets.

Did Soros run out of money to PAY people to show up to these events? Because in Arizona, I remind you that nobody showed up with signs or just to support the ticket. No Black folks from churches or college students looking to make a few bucks.

You can’t spin that with “Covid”.

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