Biden’s Baffling Show of Cognitive Impairment Rules Rally

In these last few days before the election, Biden needs to be in top form. But that’s not what voters see at these events.

Instead, they see a feeble old man who can barely string five words together.

In this newest viral video, Jill Biden tries her best to shout out a Democrat version of MAGA. She says “thank you for showing up when it matters the most. And thank you for believing in an idea that is bigger than all of us. Because we will build a better nation, Pennsylvania, because we will do it together!”

Someone pass over the Pepto, I think I’m going to be sick. The Bidens are part of the problem, not the solution. But at least Jill has the smarts to know Trump’s plan is the best plan out there. Which is why she’s so desperately trying to change up the words and rebrand the ideas.

Just watch this video. I guarantee you will laugh out loud at least three times.

First up: First Lady Wannabe

We know Jill is desperate to be the First Lady. That’s why she works so hard to cover up her husband’s fading brain. But I haven’t seen a puppeteer wife pulling strings like this since Hillary ran Bill Clinton’s administration.

Certainly, Jill Biden is following suit. Of course, she can barely let Joe out of sight, as many gaffs as he provides daily.

And the fact that she thinks she can sell Biden to the American people proves her to be quite demented in her own right.

As she bragged about her teacher voice, I couldn’t help but think she might want to save it… just in case Joe Biden goes down in a flaming scandal and loses the farm. Teaching public school is a noble fall-back plan.

Next up: Bill Kane

I’m not sure where this guy came from or why he matters. But he laughably suggested that the Trump administration funnels money to fancy private schools and leaves the public school system in the dirt. Then he further suggested Joe Biden’s education plan is the answer.

Forgive me if I sound like a broken record here, but we’re talking 47+ years in public office. Where are his education accomplishments? What schools did he rescue from the inner-city sludge dragging them down? Please, I’m begging someone to show me how he moved racism out of the school districts and put learning at the top of the priority list.

This putz needs to pay attention to the man he’s marching behind. Because Biden didn’t care about school then, and he doesn’t care now.

Speaking of “the Big Guy”

If I were Joe Biden, I’d crawl back on my bus and drive as far underground as the charter could take me. But not Joe, he’s down for a little humiliation any day or time.

Last week, he mistook Trump for President Bush. Or maybe he meant George Lopez. Hard to tell.

But the real gaff happened as Biden tried to read his teleprompter in Pennsylvania.

Breitbart chronicled his misstep:

I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize truaninonashufodopressure,” [Biden] shouted to an audience in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

“I’ll do what he’s unable to do. I’ll lead an effective strategy to mobilize true international pressure, isolate and punish China,” a transcript posted by CNN said.

Maybe his blunder is just par for the course when you’re 78 years old. But Trump is 74 and he fires on all cylinders any hour of the day. Which leads me to believe there is a lot of truth sitting under the rumors of Biden’s dementia. Maybe we can’t prove it, but we sure can see it.

I’m pretty confident in believing that most voters aren’t blind to Biden’s state of mind. And in four more days, the news of four more years will prove me correct.




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