Fake News FORCED to Report Positive Results for Trump

No more hiding Joe Biden, at least not the poll results. Now another fake news poll reports that Trump is ahead.

The Washington Post-ABC News poll released last week shows likely Florida voters favoring Trump over Biden 51% to 47%.

Holy Mother of Mathematics, and here I thought Biden was unbeatable?! How much was he leading Trump in Florida only a month ago? By like 123 percent; if you count dead voters and illegals?

But there is good news for Biden, as the poll’s margin of error at plus or minus 5 percentage points puts the two men dead even.

Sure, just like their incomes.

And why shouldn’t we believe the polls? After all, they were all wrong in 2016, so they’ve likely improved their information gathering, right? I mean surely they made the proper adjustments to prevent future embarrassments.

Further, look at all that Biden has done to get ahead. Like his 47 year record in politics!

I’m sure many a Black or Latino voter is mulling over Biden’s stellar record of accomplishment, and saying to himself, “I can’t WAIT to vote for Joe Biden because he…um, well he…uh…well, I’m just EXCITED!”

And let’s face it, having a crackhead for a son certainly helped Joe Biden with the street urchin vote. Also, a crackhead son helps with the bleeding heart Leftist vote. That will definitely cost Trump a dozen or so votes.

Biden can take solace in those other polls. As one person wrote:

Polling from different pollsters on different days produce different results. For months, highly rated independent polls have had varying, generally small, leads for Biden. A CNBC/Change Research survey released Wednesday showed Biden ahead by 3 points, 49% to 46%. A St. Pete Polls survey also showed Biden leading by 3 points, 50% to 47%. The CBS News Battleground Tracker/YouGov poll released Sunday found Florida voters favoring Biden, 48% to 46%.

The Post/ABC poll — a highly rated, quality survey — and the other new polls affirm what history and current day analysis shows: Florida will be exceedingly close.

But there is that “gap” that keeps closing:

The FiveThirtyEight average of multiple Florida polls — including the Post/ABC survey — puts Biden at 48.1% and Trump at 46.3%, a difference of 1.8 points. It’s the closest the polling average has been all year.

Trust me, the gap will continue to close. But it will reopen…TO REALITY!

And that reality is that Trump will trounce Joe Biden on election night and afterwards, as the other votes roll in. America will not change from a competent president to an imbecile.

Even the post-debate results have Democrats reacting. For example, Telemundo did an impromptu poll of Latinos. Here are the shocking results.

Telemundo conducted a poll of its viewers’ post debate and is reporting that Trump won the debate against Joe Biden by a margin of 68.7%-31.3%. The Spanish-language television network is one of the most popular TV networks in the country, boasting nearly 12.5 million viewers.

Ouch. If these results are anywhere close to true, this is worse for Biden than losing a big chunk of the Black vote.

This is a near flip of the Latino populations’ normal voting behavior. And it would be no surprise if these numbers hold through the election.

Democrats don’t want to face the truth about Trump’s popularity. Nor do they want to admit that Biden is damaged goods. They prefer to run on the lies of their sanctioned polls. Well, you can bet that Team Trump has never polled to simply hear what they want to hear. They poll to know what concerns Americans.

Trump’s team is much closer to the truth about what America wants or needs than Biden. And that’s why people trust him. This election will come down to trust.


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